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Squeak squeak

The post below made my blog look fugly!!!
Shall push it down with pictures of my guinea pigs 😀

When I took this photo, I just finished cleaning out and washing every nook and cranny of the cages. And bathing the two furry asses!! Usually I just clear the soiled bedding, wash the base of the cages and add in fresh bedding. That day was kinda free so I decided to give them a bath. And then might as well just go all the way right, since they are so clean. Sat down by the toilet with a toothbrush and scrubbed every metal grille inside out. See, the grilles are so white!! 😀

Each time after their cages are cleaned out and/or they had a bath, they will relax and lie flat out and then sleep very soundly for the rest of the day. Super cute please!!!! 😀 seeing them so comfortable makes everything worth it.

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