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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

twiinklex ❤

I am a whiny bitch

  • Awful week that got better bit by bit
  • Wasted 5 hours in school doing nothing on Monday
  • Right after the first class, Ms Soo dropped a bombshell on us
  • Saying she wanted to see us at 4pm to tell us about **~Integrated Project~**
  • Anyone can figure out that **~Integrated Project~** = group work + a lot of work
  • Damn mood spoiler so early in the day -_-
  • We were assigned into groups and given our task on the first day of school
  • What even
  • School from 5pm – 7pm+ on Tuesday
  • But I woke up at freaking 6.50am to register freaking GSM
  • Got what I wanted though – French!
  • Walking to school & it was raining & so crowded & everyone squeezed under the shelter
  • They were all walking in the opposite direction because going home
  • Thus I could hardly walk properly
  • By the time I reached the lecture theatre I was so hot and my feet were wet
  • And all of days the aircon wasn’t even turned on
  • Then the lecturer was talking so S-L-O-W-L-Y
  • And then this noisy group of girls from the other class sat behind me
  • I was coughing and blowing my nose quite a lot
  • Because that’s what you do when you have flu right?
  • One of the noise pollutants said something like, “What’s wrong with her nose”
  • If I had a penny for everytime someone asked something stupid…
  • How about you stop being noisy and nosy (pun intended)
  • 10 minutes late for Chong’s tutorial on Wednesday
  • Actually I was late the entire week but the other lecturers aren’t as guailan
  • When I entered class he stopped whatever he was saying amd stared until I reached my seat
  • Which would have been fine
  • Except that there were even later people but he didn’t even stop or anything?
  • Apparently we were supposed to talk about stuff
  • And I asked Dian what was the topic and whose turn is it now
  • Chong said something like, “One at a time ok” because someone else was talking
  • But the whole session got other people whispering so loudly among themselves
  • And he didn’t even say anything wtf
  • From Year 1 Sem1 until now never change at all wtf
  • Nothing much on Thursday
  • Just consultation and one lecture
  • Which is good. And good days are rare recently
  • Friday aka today aka really goood day
  • Can’t believe I find business law quite interesting
  • And the lecturer told us stories about criminal cases which I enjoy
  • But criminal law is not in our syllabus 🙁 🙁 🙁
  • Was talking to Darilene in class and she told me something
  • That made me 🙂 🙂 🙂 for the whole day heheheheheeee
  • Went shopping with mom at Far East after that
  • And we met on the train (planned) so it was just nice
  • Can’t believe I was telling her about the stories in business law ANIMATEDLY
  • I am talking about a school module animatedly and not whining?!?!?!?
  • New episode of TVD which was fantastic as usual
  • And I managed to do a recap AND analysis (Tumblr)!
  • I don’t do recaps for every episode, only when I’m really bursting, let alone analysis
  • But I really love analysing the show, dissecting every scene and seeing through each character
  • And writing it all down because writing is awesome and TVD is awesome
  • 2 of my greatest passions in one… muahahaha
  • If I had the time I would rewatch and do it right from 1×01 but alas..

So yep, hope next week gets better!!! It HAS to, right? No class on Tuesday and Wednesday and then we have the 27th! 😀 oh btw my fashion sense this week is horrible because I never ever plan my outfits and I’m always running late in the morning + not in the mood to make an effort lol {;_;} I told a few people and no one disagreed so I take it that they agree. Okay fine I shall make more of an effort next week. Only next week 🙂

Last thing! We got our course jackets and I actually quite like it. Not much to like about NYP so I’m always taken by surprise whenever I like something related to school -_- less expectation = less disappointment! Wish I was half as passionate about school as I am about my 4Ts (Tumblr, Twitter, Twiinklex, TVD) ……

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