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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.


Or rather, 14… because Singapore’s time is faster than USA >:(
The very first thing I’m gonna do when I wake up is to go online and watch the new S3 episode. Just hope that I can find a workable and fast-loading link that doesn’t have a location or time limit. #fangirlproblems

Okay gonna spazz now with my favourite fanvids so goodbye if you are not interested!
All the songs used are my favourites ^^

 A lot of TVD fanvids using this song but this is seriously the best out of all!
I find the descriptions for everyone super accurate and the uploader ships Delena too so I love how she puts Damon in the good light here 😀 love all the scenes used as well! Sooo apt and intense.

Vampire Diaries as a movie and its trailer, featuring Delena ^^
Doesn’t seem to have a set theme or storyline, just Delena, but still it looks like a genuine trailer. All actual scenes, no manips. Wonder if it would be better with narration? Be it text or voice over. But still I love it!!!

Manip. It’s not bad but it takes a neutral stand between Stelena or Delena and when it comes to Damon, I cannot be objective or neutral for nuts so I don’t keep rewatching this video over and over, as much as I do for the rest. But still worth watching!!

Super creative manip! Kinda neutral stand as well but it features Delena more? Hehehe.
Okay just read the video info.

This is soooo fucking awesome and genius omg. Pardon the language but no other word can express how much I love this video well enough. Made by the same person that made the first video (This Is War) 😀 No manips at all! Omg see guys? DELENA.

Fanvid of Matt and Caroline. Also the only video featuring another couple in the show that I like enough to favourite. Oh and I find the coloring used gorgeous!!! The other fanvids are just meh and I haven’t even come across a good Forwood (Tyler/Caroline) one before?! I like Caroline with both of them just as much!!! They shall be my OT3 😀 all actual scenes.

Jenna fanvid. I like how the video shows all the different scenes Jenna had with the different characters 🙁 omg freaking sad I still can’t get over the fact that they killed her off wtf I never expected her to die at all! T^T cruel show is cruel. I don’t like the coloring though so I only liked it instead of favouriting.

Jenna/Alaric is another of my favourite ships but now I won’t even get the chance to see them together anymore. Huhuhu. Seriously hate how they always make a ship reconcile or forgive each other or have an awesome scene together, only to ruin it with one of them dying or fucking things up… but that’s what makes the show real :3 and reality sucks.


Fanvid of Delena, Steferine and Forwood! Ahhh lazy to elaborate, just watch it yourself ^^
Okay actually I ship nearly everyone in the show because I can never make up my mind, all except for Damon and Elena. Oh and I only really do not like or want one ship and that is Bamon -_-

Never saw the day I would become a fangirl or be so obsessed with a show about vampires… uhm one irrational fear I have is dying before Vampire Diaries officially end LOLOLOL. I cannot imagine what I am going to do once it ends though. A regular drama can leave me feeling super empty already, let alone TVD…

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