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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

So many feelings and no words

I wanna blog but I don’t really know what to write.
Last week was so happening (which I’ll blog about soon?) but this week I’m sooo bored. Mainly because of cramps etc so I don’t feel like doing anything. Plus I’m in the phase of feeling self-conscious on my own blog again.

Been playing Sims Social wtf -_-
It’s not even that great especially since you have to keep relying on your friends to send you stuff before you can accomplish goals but sigh, keeps me occupied I guess. Oh and I will definitely grow bored of it after awhile just like with all other games sooo. I feel bad sending requests to my friends nonstop but I suppose it’s a mutual thing – you help me & I help you 😀

Out with the girls tomorrow!
But only 3 of us… sigh so hard to find a day when all 5 of us are available!

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