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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Terrible world we live in

Saw this ad on television and at first I thought it was some narrative thingy, y’know those kind of commercials that have a storyline and are shown in parts? But nooooo turned out to be some dumbass advertisement for a slimming centre. Ridiculous! Why is such gibberish even show on TV?

Instead of teaching people to be happy and accept themselves for who they are, you are implying that

  • Women have nothing to live for, especially after childbirth
  • Childbirth makes you fat
  • And being fat makes you depressed
  • Being fat also gets you fired from your job
  • And into fights with your husband because you are so insecure
  • Worse still, you contract high blood pressure and loads of other diseases
  • All because you are fat. Fat fat fat fat fat fat.
  • Everything is because you are fat
  • All your problems occur because you are fat
  • No one likes you if you are fat. Even your health will desert you
  • No point in living if you are fat
  • Slimming down will solve all your problems
  • And make you happy
  • Losing weight will make health-related problems disappear
  • It will also make you not get into fights with your husband
  • Being thin will give you a happy family
  • People will love you only if you are thin
  • You can never be happy as long as you are fat
  • Greatest problem in life = being fat

Utter bullshit.
Conveying so much wrong messages and portrayals just to promote your company. Giving females out there the wrong impression and pressure to be thin and perfect. Apparently the ad is based on a true case study… or so they claimed. How much do we really know anyway?

Size and health and happiness are 3 different things please… They might affect each other in some ways but then again, they might not. Not all the time. Okay I’m too lazy to justify all the above points but I think all of you are sensible and have enough common sense to think for yourselves. They make being fat seem like such a horrible thing! What’s wrong with being fat?

I mean, is “fat” really the worst thing a human being can be? Is “fat” worse than “vindictive”, “jealous”, “shallow”, “vain”, “boring” or “cruel”? Not to me.

— JK Rowling

There is more to life than how you look. Yes looks might be important, I won’t deny but they are not everything. Anyway, they are only important because society’s fucked up standards made it important. There are also more pressing problems in the world than being fat. Sick of people’s fucked up standards expecting everyone to be perfect.

Wish people were less superficial when it comes to things like these, and also less judgemental. So sick of being surrounded by judgemental airheads and living in this fucked up society where everyone judges. So what is someone is ugly. So what if someone isn’t smart. So what is someone sleeps around. So what if people do things that you don’t approve of. So what if people lead lifestyles that vary from yours. So what if people makes mistakes – don’t you too?

Just mind your own fucking business if you don’t have anything to say and keep your comments to yourself. Go on to lead the lifestyle you think is perfect. Not sure about the rest of you, but to me the most important thing is life is to be happy and have as little regrets as possible. That is all.

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