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Day 3 – Favourite couple


Matt and Caroline gif

Well this was kinda hard to choose because I don’t really have a favourite couple in the show. But if I had to choose, it would be Matt and Caroline. Their storyline is so much more interesting than Stelena.

They have very good chemistry together and you can tell how much they care for each other. And I like how they understand each other too, especially when it comes to the whole Do you ever feel like there‘s no person in the world who loves you” thing. So I thought it was perfect when they got together. Not to mention how cute they are together!

Their relationship isn’t an easy one. Since when are vampire/mortal relationships easy? Especially when the mortal doesn’t know about vampires?

It’s like they went through so much before getting to where they are now. All the little struggles. Like how Caroline was afraid of screwing things up (LOL at all the ‘speeches’ she prepared). How Matt wasn’t over Elena. Then came the whole vampire thing and Tyler.

I was so sad when Caroline had to pretend to be the jealous neurotic girlfriend to make Matt break up with her, in order to protect him :(((((

And just when they get back together again after one epic singing scene (which I shall save for another day’s challenge)… He finds out that she’s a vampire and thinks she killed his sister. Geeeez.

I wish they would just get back together already. I wish Caroline would just let him in on the whole truth, so that he can be by her side supporting her. So that he will stop misunderstanding her. SHE NEEDS HIM.

They didn’t even get to do the dance scene together because the limelight was obviously supposed to be on Delena (which is totally fine by me, duh!) but I just wish they have more significant scenes together. They have so little screen time compared to Stelena :<

Everytime she is about to tell him something, or they are supposed to “talk”, something hap pens and ruins it all which is like so annoying arghhh!!!

Matt and Caroline gifMatt and Caroline gif

So yeah, what I said.

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