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Day 4 – Favourite quote

Basically I love practically everything that comes out from Damon Salvatore’s mouth, because he is just so funny and witty and cute! So I’ll pick a few of my favourites and share 😀

In 2×07 Masquerade, when the Salvatore brothers are trying to kill Katherine, the 3 of them trapped in one room.
Full scene here.

Vampire Diaries MasqueradeVampire Diaries Masquerade

Katherine: So, here we are: the brother who loved me too much and the only who didn’t love me enough.

Damon: And the evil slut vampire who only loved herself.

At the end of 1×22 Founder’s Day (Season Finale) where Damon mistakes Katherine for Elena and kisses her.
Full scene here.

Delena kissDelena kiss

Damon: You know, I came to this town wanting to destroy it. Tonight I found myself wanting to protect it. How does that happen? I’m not a hero, Elena. I don’t do good. It’s not in me.

Somewhere along the way, you decided that I was worth saving. And I wanted to thank you for that.

Elena needs to know what he said 🙁

In 1×21 Isobel, where Damon threatens Isobel.
Full scene here.

Going after Elena? Bad move.

Damon: Now that I have your attention, listen up. You do not come into my town, threaten the people I care about. Going after Elena? Bad move. You leave her alone or I will rip you to bits because I do believe in killing the messenger. Wanna know why? Because it sends a message. Katherine wants something from me? You tell that little bitch to come get it herself.

Then later in the same episode, Elena asks Isobel why she took a risk with Damon, knowing that he will give her the moonstone. And Isobel says…
Full scene here.

Because he's in love with you.Because he's in love with you

Isobel: Because he’s in love with you.

Gawd I loved this scene SO MUCH.
Damon’s expression (Y)

And last but not least, his confession in 2×08 Rose (of course).
Full scene here.

Vampire DiariesVampire Diaries

Damon: What I’m about to say is probably the most selfish thing I’ve ever said in my life. I’m only going to say it once – you just need to hear it. I love you, Elena, and it’s because I love you that I can’t be selfish with you. Why you can’t know this … I don’t deserve you, but my brother does. God, I wish you didn’t have to forget this, but you do.

So selfless and sad and my baby cried :’(
Who says you don’t deserve her?! It’s more like the other way round sometimes…

As you can see, nearly all of these quotes are from my baby’s mouth ❤
I rewatch so many times until I can memorise all his epic lines already LOL love you xoxo! 😉

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