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Day 2 – Favourite female character


Katherine Pierce gif

Katherine is one BAMF that I look up to and love. I love her style. The way she carries herself, her elegance, her bitchiness, her wit, her dark humor, her dressing, everything. She has class, she is glamorous, she is sophisticated and she is smart. Even her actual name “Katerina Petrova” is pretty.

Even though she lies, manipulates people and belongs to the “Dark Side”, I find Katherine Pierce really fascinating and a whole lot interesting more than Elena Gilbert (who is not only getting boring, but really annoying at times too). And she does have redeeming qualities too, like we have seen in more recent episodes.

She knows what she wants and what she wants, she gets. No matter what it will cost her. Unlike Elena, she isn’t wishy-washy at all, which is something I really admire her for.

I believe her love for Stefan was real. And I believe they belong together (that leaves Elena for my Damon~~~!!!). Especially considering how Stefan used to be a ‘monster’.

In the flashback scenes, we also got to see another side of her. One that we’ve never seen before. Which just goes to show that no matter what a cold-hearted bitch she is, she wasn’t always like that. Once upon a time, she was human with feelings and a mere girl, all alone. She had to learn how to protect and look out for herself over the 500 (?) years.

Katherine Pierce gif

I love how badass she is and Katherine Pierce is one character that I don’t wish to die!!!!

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