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Day 21 – Favourite Elena scene


Gosh this GIF is 10MB big.

Rather than talking about Delena (or even Stelena scenes), I shall talk about this little scene which I feel is quite underrated despite its significance.

I fell in love with this episode right the start, when she and Stefan were wearing their respective outfits, and the way it was filmed. Anyway, I thought this scene was quite epic-ish 😀

Damon: Elena is not Katherine.

Stefan: You are right. She’s not.

What followed next was a stunned silence as Elena walks out in her beautiful dress, looking exactly like Katherine. Which was very ironic (just like it is meant to be) when you think about Damon’s and Stefan’s conversation just seconds ago. Her little bow was so cute!

And the looks on the brothers’ faces can only be described as…

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