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Day 20 – Favourite flashback


I love all the flashbacks because everything is so nostalgic and both Salvatore brothers were actually happy plus they shared a good relationship. Not to mention the pretty dresses and Stefan looked super handsome then 😀

However, I chose this scene because we delve into Katherine’s past and get a deeper look at how she actually was when she was human. She wasn’t always manipulative, naughty and scheming. She faced troubles and struggles too, just like all the other characters in the show.

It’s like she had no choice but to become the way she is now, in order to protect herself and stay alive. Like what she said, she has been looking out for 500 years now. If she doesn’t, who will. Right?

I thought it was really awesome that they showed us this side of Katherine that we have never seen before. I even felt a little sympathetic towards her, giving birth and being forced to give the baby up without even a look at it first, being banished out of her country all alone, and then having to run away from the originals who killed her whole family. She was all alone through it all.

Better faster do this before the next episode is up 😛
There’s gonna be flashbacks of Klaus, Elijah and Katherine!!! Can’t wait.

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