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Day 22 – Favourite potential couple


I don’t think I’ve ever shipped a couple from any TV show this hard before.
I ship them so hard it almost hurts. Okay?

I know that Delena will probably never be endgame. Most probably Elena will end up with Stefan, just like how the show started. And I’m totally fine with that, trust me. I just want to see more happy Delena scenes like the dance and the Atlanta trip.

Don’t even wanna explain anymore. It’s like you either get it or you don’t.
Their chemistry and understanding, Damon’s selflessness, him always trying and yet never being the one, him wanting to be the better man because of her, their journey, everything.

Delena TVDDelena TVDDelena TVD

It has always been Delena.
And it will forever be Delena.

And I ask myself all the time, “Would things had turned out differently if Elena met Damon first?” Would it?

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