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Day 19 – Favourite wtf/omg moment

This is really hard because the whole show is like built on wtf/omg moments. Seriously, they have so many twists and turns and every episode is so epic and shocking, it’s hard not to go wtf/omg every second.

Kill Or Be Killed (2×05)

Elena: Have you seen Stefan?

Mason: Yeah Elena, I’ve seen him. Seen Damon too.

Elena: Where are they?

Mason: You don’t need me for that. I let your friend here sniff them out.

Mason: Does your mother know what you are? I’ll happy to tell her.

Mason: Don’t be stupid! Necks snap easy around here.

Caroline: I can take you.

Mason: Wanna bet?

Caroline: Yeah. I do.

I loved Caroline in this episode. She was sooo badass and I think her becoming a vampire was the best thing ever, twisted as that sounds. And in this episode, she saved Damon and Stefan too. It was sooo sad when she had to compel her mom to forget everything 🙁

Think the whole scene (from the above to the “Hi mom” to the compelling) is one of my all-time favourite Caroline scenes! I can just keep rewatching and rewatching. Full scene here and here.

The Dinner Party (2×15)

Finally does Elena do something that is badass and out of her normal, boring, martyr self. I think it was super brave and selfless of her because ouch, it must have hurt a great deal O_O And everything happened so quickly here!

Mainly it was also because of what Elena said to Elijah.

Promise you won’t hurt the people I love.
Even if they hurt you.

And Stefan sure hasn’t hurt Elijah in anyway in that episode 8)

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