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Day 1 – Favourite character


Damon Salvatore gif

LOL need you even ask…

The badass rebel – totally my cup of tea. Misunderstood, dangerously sexy and charming. Basically, I love everything about him. His ‘Damon humour’ (as Stefan calls it) and how he feels just like any other individual. His lines are also the funniest and wittiest. I think among every characters in the show, he has the best lines.

My heart aches for him every time he gets hurt, which is like nearly every episode, whether emotionally or physically. I mean, come on, he has feelings too. Elena, Katherine and even his own father all preferred Stefan over him – how do you think that makes him feel?

Some people hate him and accuse him of being cold, ruthless and heartless. Yet to me, he is the most human character in the show. He shuts out his feelings, pretending there is some “emotional switch” whereby you can choose to not feel anything. He puts on a brave front all the time to keep up appearances. All because he has had enough of being hurt. Thus he chooses to shut people out in order to protect himself.

Heck, he even has his scared moments (like when he provoked Jules on a full moon and was threatened with some you-have-been-marked crap), strong as he appears to be. Which is just so cute and adorable of him! Especially after how he went home and locked all his doors, courtesy of Alaric’s advice. Which just goes to show that he has his weak moments too, contrary to what he makes himself out to be.

I also love how he is so unselfish and how he will do anything to protect Elena and Stefan. If anything, I think he is too good for Elena, who keeps hurting him, whether intentionally or not. He puts on a brave front all the time, but we know that he’s just a hurt little puppy. A cute one, of course. Who can blame him though?

To be honest, I miss the carefree Damon with his devil-may-care attitude.

Now that he finally opens up a little, starts to care and stuff, he is tormented by his feelings and winds up getting hurt. Is that fair? People always overlook the little things he has done for the people around him and when he makes a mistake, they are all quick to blame. I mean, everybody makes mistakes.

Ahhh just can’t explain how much I love Damon Salvatore! ♡
And people who don’t watch the show just won’t understand!

No doubt that Damon has captured majority of our hearts and I, as a Delena shipper, believe that he deserves happiness!

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