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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Red Riding Hood and blue nails


Stupid photo of me to start the poast :>
So hard to take photos with my webcam!

Okay actually I just wanted to show you all my anyhow nails, courtesy of Darilene hehehe 😀 Went out with her on Wednesday (16 March). My nails were naked so I became her guinea pig. Not that I mind! Etude House’s nail polish quite nice but all overpriced :< But nevermind, use the testers can liao HAHAHA.

Thai food + milk tea + shopping + movie = ❤❤❤ 🙂

Watched Red Riding Hood!

Red Riding Hood movie

  • Quite a dumb movie actually…
  • Cliche, lame and predictable lines
  • Still do not like Amanda Seyfried -_-
  • And all her roles, except for Karen Smith in Mean Girls
  • Stupid young RRH at the start of movie killing bunnies already
  • Wolf was big, black, ugly and like very dirty. Wild one was nicer.
  • I must be stupid because I couldn’t guess who the wolf is…
  • Movie ends with same 2 people going off to kill more bunnies

Red Riding Hood movie

  • I keep being reminded of The Vampire Diaries… especially this scene.
  • Familiar or not?! How cannn. This is like, exclusively DE pl0x.

—random picture to make poast less wordy—

Peace, Love, Happiness

Other things worth noting down here for memory’s sake (but no pictures because I am so lazy and there are already too many waiting to be poasted):

  • Went to Yishun gym with Dian on Saturday (12 March)
    – Haven’t exercised properly since my last PE lesson in AISS
    – Vair embarrassing because like everyone keep looking at us
    – Why all the guys there have such bulging muscles?!
    – One guy came up to me and said I was using the machine wrongly
    – I think the old lady there is fitter than me
  • Sakae lunch buffet with Amos and Yixuan on Thursday (17 March)
    – Second time there
    – Standard dropped already
    – Folded origami frogs for charity
    – So much for exercising 5 days ago…

Nevertheless, I had fun during all of these because of the people with me :’)

Love gif

If only I am this chio or can do such magic with my hands lololol.
P/S: The GIF used in previous poast is a boy saying “bye”.

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