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Night bites


  • Today is a good day
  • But I have zero inspiration for both blogging and proper writing
  • Though technically it is already tomorrow
  • Someone left food on my doorstep today
  • Wheee all my favourites
  • Thank you <3
  • Love sweet little gestures
  • And such close friendships
  • Remember the stupid photo of me 2 entries back
  • I planned it to be of me _l_ing with my left hand since only the middle nail was colored
  • But I couldn’t get a good shot
  • Why am I just not photogenic
  • People need to stop thinking that I actually give a shit about most things
  • Or them. And how they feel.
  • I do not… Because who are you?
  • If I did not add you in my private FB and Twitter accounts
  • I probably do not care about you
  • Just because I am civil to you
  • Does not mean I actually like you
  • Comment left by stranger one on of my entries
  • I do not usually get comments from strangers
  • Emailed the person to thank him and forgot all about it
  • Got a reply today and conversed a little
  • Yay new reader
    • Love KIKing with the girls on my new Android phone
    • But it is so hard to use zzzz (I mean the phone)
    • #typingfail
    • Maybe I am just stupid as usual
    • Plus I do not have data plan so it worries me
    • Like will it auto connect to normal data if there’s no wifi?
    • Is free 20MB worth of data = data plan?
    • I don’t think so
    • I like using my old phone better actually
    • My 2 Nokia phones are still in use for different purposes
    • That means I am using 3 phones
    • Because I am awesome
    • Scratch that. At the end of the day I only have one SIM card

    Can it be concluded that I am not cut out for smartphones because I am not smart?

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    • Cut yourself a break I think u are photogenic and android takes some getting used to but you will get the hang of it then you will love it 🙂 so much beter than iphone 😀

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