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Humanity + Adversity = Stupidity

Sky and sea

Isn’t it amazing, the damage such beauty can create?

Someone on Formspring asked me to describe the Japan earthquake/tsunami in one word. I answered “cow“. A cash cow, that was what I was thinking of. Because that’s what it is from what I can see.

SLACKTIVISM (Slacker + Activism)

The act of participating in obviously pointless activities as an expedient alternative to actually expending effort to fix a problem.

Examples: Twitions, twibbons, “Change your Facebook profile picture to a cartoon character to show your support against child violence”, etc.

We all have slacktivism in us, I am no exception. I have signed Twitions and added Twibbons and changed my Facebook profile picture all in the name of fun, even though I’m aware such actions are not gonna change things much. No harm joining in the fun right, since there’s nothing much I can do?

Except this time where the disaster in Japan is concerned, I haven’t done anything. I haven’t liked, reblogged or retweeted anything, thinking that I’m making a contribution towards the victims. I refuse to. I refuse to be a stupid pawn or puppet that over-commercialised idiots make use of to their own advantage.


People need to stop reblogging and liking this. Don’t be stupid. It’s stated very clearly that they are stopping at 50000 notes. The last sentence sounds like something they added in after they realised that they do not have $300k to donate.

In that case, just donate a lump sum of $50k directly to Red Cross directly! Why the need to create such a post, when the amount you are going to donate is not as much as the notes you have gotten on the post??? Admit it! You just want the fucking publicity! Pathetic marketing!!!!!!!


Same fucking logic. What is so hard about just donating the lump sum of $100k instead of asking people to retweet?! Twitter and Tumblr are both huge sites with millions of users; don’t pretend like you don’t know the retweets and reblogs would be a lot more than the amount you plan to donate.

If you want the publicity, just say 😀
Fucking can’t stand these over-commercialised organisations that are making use of people and cashing in on Japan’s misfortune. I’m so disgusted.

And the people who like, reblog and retweet all these so that the organisations have an opportunity to cash in. Fine with me if you are full of compassion and wanna help. But leave me out of it.

Yesterday I RSVPed “not attending” to 3 Facebook events in a row. The same type of events asking people to attend and then invite their friends, so as to “spread awareness”.

The event just gave instructions on what to do, such as inviting your friends. They didn’t even provide information about the earthquake, tsunami, the damage and casualties, or how they are coping. No useful information at all! How the fuck is this raising and spreading awareness????

If you are talking about informing people that an earthquake and tsunami hit Japan then sorry, it’s big news worldwide enough. Unless you live in a fucking jungle with no form of media at all, then I am sure you would have heard of the disaster. Even Courage The Cowardly Dog and his owners who live in The Middle Of Nowhere would have heard because they have a freaking television.

So please stop inviting me to these shit meaningless events that don’t help at all in anyway. I guess it makes you feel better if you attend such lame events, retweet and reblog publicity stunts by commercialised companies but it just digusts the fuck out of me, so please leave me out of it.

Same goes for the texts about radiation. If there really is radiation, it would be everywhere in the air. Staying out of the rain is not gonna help. The only way to avoid radiation completely would be stop breathing and wrap yourself up in… idk, some sort of almighty material?

Radiation from being on the computer, retweeting and reblogging shit and inviting people to shit events, will reach you faster than the radiation from Japan. Okay???

Stop being so naive and gullible. Be practical. Be realistic. If you sincerely wanna help, then donate directly by texting REDCROSS to 90999. Get real – they need money. Not prayer or thoughts or false information.

While I am sorry that Japan has met with such a misfortune, at least I do not pretend that I am making a contribution when I know I am not. To those people who liked, reblogged or retweeted the crap above, sorry but it can be said that you did all these for nothing. In Bing’s case, they have apologised and donated $100k already. So ultimately, your retweet does not matter.

Times like this I feel really ashamed of how pathetic and stupid humanity is.

Well… congratulations you people with compassion then?
Something I think I need more of.
I suppose that is something to be happy about.

4 Replies to “Humanity + Adversity = Stupidity”

  • AGREEEEEEEEED! If it is for Earth Day and something similar to that, these cheap publicities may be acceptable. But when it comes to natural disasters that needs more than just clicking the mouse, it seems so useless and shameful. I don’t hear any government trying to help out with Japan’s loss, all I hear are people being sorry for whatever happened without even trying to help out. And people are more concerned on the hoax of the supposed-to-be-tsunami hitting us and the acid rain than actually trying to help. Its a shame to admit but even my country doesn’t give out a helping hand to Japan. I guess we’re all living in a selfish world where each and every country only takes in what benefits them. I wish humanity were kinder, but its not. And as we grow the world just seems to become one big lie and we’re all just feeding off on what the government and media is showing us.

    I hope a lot of people read this and realize that what they are doing now are helping out the websites to be recognized and not actually helping out Japan. xxxxx

  • My problem with this is that “Slacktivism” isn’t really used, by most I know, as a way to show activism but to show support for the activism that someone else may do, such as the, “Put a childhood favorite cartoon as your display picture for awareness,” thing. Activism requires active participation (thus ACTIVE being a part of the name) in trying to fix the problem, and most realize that this isn’t ACTIVE participation. However, something that brings it into our thoughts shouldn’t be attacked.

    However, I do not condone using this as a way to promote something, such as bing using @bing for donation purposes. I think that if they really wanted to donate; they should donate instead of using a tragedy to promote a name.

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