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Emergency poast

Totally unplanned poast but I just need to raaaant all the nonsense out.
Basically this is a stupid boring entry where I complain and complain and complain.
Something I am very good at and do regularly.

Let’s start with me prancing about the house in various clothes to find a suitable outfit for tomorrow. Or rather, later. Darilene says let’s wear nicer a bit since it’s gonna be a long day. Like trying wearing our new clothes or something. I am agreeable, since after school I have to go interview at manager.

So I was like walking from my wardrobe in my room to the big mirror in my parents’ room to and fro continuously. Try so many things also nothing look good on me because I’m so tubby and got no figure to speak of. I feel flab all around me. Argh!!!! Tres tragic. But I am still gonna eattt.

Anyway, moving on to later.

Wtf whole day Finance again I have to repeat this shit every Tuesday which is the most agonising day ever. Don’t even understand a single shit and my exam is in few weeks time. How the heck am I even ever gonna pass, I have no idea. Everytime I think of Finance, I want to die. So I don’t even want to think about it.

9am got stupid useless GSM, make me come school so early listen to rubbish. 4pm++ then end school and even then I still cannot go home. Need go all the way to BUKIT MERAH to interview a manager for ICA with Muztaffa. And I live in Yishun.

Muz say Bukit Merah = Redhill = Red MRT Line = North South Line = same line as Yishun = near my house.
No. Bukit Merah is green line. Bukit Merah is nowhere near my house. Bukit Merah is ****ing far in the middle of don’t know where.

But no choice because only me and Muz free. Actually Brandon free but as usual he forever don’t want contribute anything when it comes to group work. He claims that if we go, he will do one third of the report which is a big fucking lie because like I said, he never ever contributes anything useful where group work is concerned.

Appointment at 7pm, I wonder why the **** I do in between. If I go home first before going Bukit Merah, also not enough time. Also I don’t even know how to get there. Not going to ask my dad because I don’t want disturb his work. I already damn guilty for wasting his time on Friday.

Last Friday, me and Faridah (seeseesee, Brandon don’t want go and push everything to other people again) went all the way to some weird weird place far away. My father fetched us to and fro. But we haven’t even been in the room for 10 minutes then we left already. Due to some miscommunication problem haizzzzzz.

Actually I not annoyed or what, but I hate myself for wasting my father’s time!!! He could have gone to work in the time I wasted and earned money instead. Although I never told him it was a wasted trip. But still!! Drive us to and fro, right to our destination.. D:

This is seriously not my semester!!! I hate school and I hope it will close down!!!!!!

Lastly, I dyed my hair.

Byebye it’s 3am. Time to lie on my bed and watch videos till 5am+.
Wtf this poast so fugly-looking.

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