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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

❤ Beautiful girls, days and memories :)

A combined poast of some of the days I went out with 4 of all the most amazing people ever; some with pictures and some without. Gonna be a long one with loads of details because I wanna record everything down! 5 main parts, starting from the latest! 😀

12 January (Wednesday)

Sunset girls running

Typical shitty day. I woke up at 7.56am because my dad couldn’t fetch me today. Class starts at 8am with Chanchan’s idiotic ICA. Had to take cab and it was peak hour but luckily Chanchan always dilly-dally for nearly an hour then he start -.-

Afterwards we had Azhar’s lesson where he played the video recording of our previous ICA presentation; standupper for news reporting. FUCK SO EMBARRASSING. But funny too. Especially how Brandon burst out laughing in the middle of his presentation. And Muz’s hands trembling very hard.

My priceless expression, which had the whole class laughing out loud, was caught on tape too. Mr Azhar still purposely go replay that part in slow-mo and pause at the part where my hair was swishing high!!! OH EM GEE CRINGE. But admittedly it was really funny so nevermind 😀

Went on a crazy shopping spree with Darilene after school ended at 2pm like the shopaholics we are! We decided that we were so traumatised by Chanchan’s ICA that we NEEDED some retail therapy. We must have been really traumatised because we totally lost control and shopped like mad.

Mainly we went to Far East Plaza and the Cotton On warehouse where all the cheap stuffs are 😉 wooo so pumped with adrenaline and we bought things from nearly every level.

twiinklex.comSuper chio pair of heels at only $15!!!!!

twiinklex.comMom said it’s the chioest pair of shoes she has ever seen me buy._.

twiinklex.comI need to stop buying such slippers but urgh color so nice and each time I buy, the price dropped again -.- Now I have 4 pairs of such slippers in varying colors zzz

twiinklex.comBelts at 3 for $5 damn cheap
All 3 are my favourite colors!!!!! 😀

twiinklex.comAlso got 2 tops, 1 dress and 1 demin shorts and bra!
Everything adds up to $75 which is freaking worth it!!!! 😀

Both of us burnt big holes in our pockets but no regrets and guilt at all! Too happy with all the bargains we snagged 😉 Omg it’s a fatality to our wallets putting both of us together to go shopping because we both have zero self-control and mad shopaholic…

Love how we give each other advice on whether stuff looks good on us and whether we should buy, egging each other to ‘buy buy buy!’ supported by tons of reasons, looking for good bargains while sipping awesome milk tea, etc 😀

We were only in town for few hours (no rain shop until got rain until no rain) and we went home with so much loot! At the end we had to pinky swear not to spend anymore or we’ll both fail our ICAs.

Nevertheless, a shitty day ended on a good note whereby I’m so pleased even after spending so much 😀 best of all, Mom didn’t nag at all. This is the life!!!!!! ❤❤❤

10 January (Monday)


Went to Somerset with Dian, Geraldine and Darilene to take photographs for Storyboarding assignment but in reality, is just another excuse for shopping 😀 to me, anyway! No rain shop until got rain then eat until no rain.

I only took 3 photos before giving up and I ended up using all online pictures anyway. Instead, I spent $20 at Cotton On and $10+ on food -_- I really can’t decide to hate myself for splurging or love myself for shopping.

Love and Peace necklaces - twiinklex.comNecklaces from Cotton On at $5 each only!!!
More sparkly in actual than in photo…

Also bought 3 rings (with Faith, Hope and Love engraved on one ring each) for $5 and a dress for $5 also… HOW TO SAVE MONEY YOU TELL ME, EVERYTHING SO CHIO AND CHEAP WTF (L)

Urgh anyway went home feeling like total shit and did zero work. First day of shcool only and I feel like I’ve been through some war urgh gtfo school I hate chu!!!!!

6 Jan (Thursday)

Sunset with friends

‘Strongly encouraged’ i.e. forced to go back school for our pathetic Open House and I forgot to bring my phone out. I was like, “Shit! I need to find a classmate so that they have Darilene/Gerry/Dian’s number because I cannot remember! So many people in school today, how to find anyone I know!!!?” Thank heavens I saw Nicole!!!

Went to do henna with Darilene and Dian for $1 each and it was so epic fail and fugly that we went to wash it off afterwards. Wtf this is why I despise and detest my school so much, they never do anything right.

Anyway the actual plan was to after Open House, we have lunch and go Media Viewing Room in the library to watch a movie. Can only watch items owned by the library but we were planning to smuggle in Percy Jackson. JuJu will join us too then after that I go her house nearby eat the famous minced meat noodle!

But first of all, some cheebye fuckers booked the room before us already for the whole afternoon. Ya if other people book, they suck and they should die but if we book then hurray for us we rock. My theory.

Then, Gerry and JuJu overslept. It was already 2plus and JuJu will need more than hour to travel here so she didn’t come. In the end after Gerry reached, we bought snacks and went to Darilene’s house to watch the movie instead.

Darry watched it like 8 times already but I doubt she minds at all because got her beloved Logan Lerman as the main role. She kept spazzing to us and say we must watch the movie also! It was quite nice to me 😀

Got rain watch until no rain then going home got rain again.
When we were about to leave her house, a lizard dropped on Geraldine and later I got whacked in the face by her by accident 😛

Anyway quite a good day just lolling about on the enormous couch! Watching movie and laughing at people and their blogs (yeah you losers with shit blogs and zero talent but yet think so highly of yourselves buahahaha you end up as inside jokes during gossip sessions).

3 Jan (Monday)

Friends and sunset

Had such a simple yet fabulous day with Geraldine, Dian, JuJu and Darilene at Marina Barrage! Yay I super love it when all 5 of us can make it to an outing ^-^ It rained and planning also a bit fail but everyone had so much fun 😀

Beautiful day in every sense, be it company or environment but I forgot to bring my camera so no pictures 🙁 It’s mine, Gerry, Dian and JuJu’s virgin trip hehehe!

Supposed to go school for an hour-long lecture but I didn’t go. Dabao-ed Macdonalds from school to bring to Marina and I also brought mat + some tidbits since I live the nearest. My thoughts all about food and I forgot to bring games like Monopoly Deal -_-

But nevermind! Imagination is man’s biggest asset. Games we played included:

  • Murderer
  • Truth and Dare
    – My dare was to go out in the rain, shout I Love Justin Bieber and sing his song “Baby”.
  • FMK (Fuck, Marry, Kiss)
    – They gave me Ryan Higa (F), Ian Somerhalder (Marry then I can F all I want ❤) and Shakespeare (kill because he’s already dead). DARRY KILL HER HUSBAND AND CHOOSE HER BOYFRIENDS ALSO!!!
  • Prank called people, mostly those we dislike plus 2 of our crushes oo-er
    – Geraldine was caller for most because she does accents the best (Y) EPIC FUNNY OMG!!!!!!

So if you have ever been prank called it probably means someone likes you a lot or somebody doesn’t like you at all.

Spent quite a long time there, just nuaing and lolling about 😀 snacking and playing and laughing and chatting omg so simple but fun! Chilling breeze, light rain, beautiful scenery, with a bunch of the bestest people to ever exist = PERFECT! ❤❤❤

23 Dec (Thursday)

Sunset and friends

Christmas shopping at town with Dian and Darilene! 😀

Bought 3 pairs of shoes and loads more other stuff… can’t remember. Darilene, who has a map of Orchard in her head, always know where to get the best deals! 😀 I totally salute her because I don’t think I can roam about in Orchard alone without getting lost. Come on… I get lost even in my own school.

Had late lunch at Ramen Ten and bought Full House milk tea like every other time… ooooh both were so good!!! It’s like a ladies’ day out where we pamper ourselves with food and shopping 😉

Anyway as you can see this is quite long ago so I can’t remember much! We walked and walked till our feet ached before being willing to go ^-^


twiinklex.comHappy girls are the prettiest girls!

Meadow love heart

So that marks the end of a vair long poast 🙂 5-in-1? Hehehe. Sorry if it’s long but I don’t know how to put in the “Read More” javascript toggle for WordPress T_T if anyone know please teach me!!

Well I’m just blogging so much detail for my memory. These few days are sooo precious and such treasured moments with the most beautiful and amazing bunch of girls I’ve ever met in the hellshithole known as NYP. I am so glad we are friends and I appreciate and love them soooo much!

I think Heaven is very touched at our friendship too because it cries and rains everytime we go out (A)

I love how we are all have Twitter and Tumblr accounts and we are the early adopters of these sites in class too. First day of orientation, I damn kpo already and ask what sites you all are on and all of you have Twitter. Dian and Gerry said Tumblr too. Woohooo!! We have stuck together since Day One when I met you all during orientation and we are still going strong even now and I hope it never ever changes! 😀

Hope the 5 of us will go out more often and create even more memories together!!!!

P/S: Nooo of course I haven’t forgot about my old friends!
Wait till I blog about them!!!

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