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Reaction meme to Breakout’s ending

Tumblr meme - no

  • I hardly watch TV anymore, let alone local channels.
  • Caught only bits and pieces of this drama on TV but it seemed awesome (dark psychology, revenge, inner demons, violence, suspense, thrill, cliffhangers) so I’ve been watching online at my own pace.
  • In fact I only watched it because I read online from netizens and over-protective parents that it’s the most violent drama ever and they demand for it to be aired non-primetime.
  • Currently at Episode 11 but actual last episode 25 on Channel 8 today.


Let’s just say… nearly everyone died.

Tumblr meme - noTumblr meme - noTumblr meme - no

I should have known better than to trust Mediacorp.

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