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Why we should love school

OHGAWD 3 weeks passed by so quickly and tomorrow is back to school again yay!! Aren’t we all oh-so-very excited and happy! There are so many wonderful things to be excited about such as:

  • Sleepless nights trying to complete assignments
  • Waking up in the morning feeling like… you know.
  • @#$%!~ who like to make life difficult for everyone
  • Time that passes so slowly I doubt they even pass at all
  • Classes and GSMs that are totally useful and worth my time
  • The best lecturer ever aka ChanChan and his always interesting lessons
  • Omg have I even mentioned how much I loveee Finance? Such a piece of cake (to flunk it)
  • Elevators that never ever come or when they do, make you feel like tinned sardines – YUMMY!
  • Sarcastic lecturers who make my day
  • 4 exams after CNY!

Actual things to look forward to:

  • Lunches and breaks with the girls that I wish would never end
  • Logging onto Tumblr and MSN with them and sharing stuff/news 😉
  • Both of which guarantee LOL (loads of laughter)
  • Conking out totally and catching up on sleep in class
  • Cyberloafing to make my school fees worth it
  • Knowing that the long holidays are getting nearer
  • And it’ll be a whole new semester + timetable soon

Sigh whatever. Say so much in the end the question is…


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