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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Life is but a series of meme-inspired events

It’s e-learning week i.e. holidays so I don’t even understand why we have to go back school for certain lessons. I can’t even skip anymore unless I want more warning letters and debarrment.

Only one class yesterday… GSM. At 9am.

Tumblr meme - Oh god

Wake up in the morning feeling like bullshit.

Tumblr meme

Reached school to see nobody in class.

Tumblr meme - Are you fucking kidding me

Went to eat brunch with Geraldine and Darilene instead so it isn’t all that bad.

Tumblr meme - Shrug

It’s like we came all the way here just to eat stuff that we can find at home.

Tumblr meme - LOL

Reached home, flopped on bed and slept for hours.

Tumblr meme - Fuck yeah

Woke up to a text telling us there’s a class at 8am tomorrow.

Tumblr meme - middle finger

And also an insight paper (for which I literally have no insight of) due.

Tumblr meme - FFFFUUUU

Come to Com Tech class this morning feeling like bullshit x2

Tumblr meme - slash computer

Did zero work, slept all the way and felt less zombie-like.

Tumblr meme

Loaned 6 DVDs home from school library for movie marathon at home.

Tumblr meme

Had to keep rewinding because I kept nodding off.

Tumblr meme - Poker face

Fell deep asleep 40 minutes into the film, woke up to see credits rolling (according to my mother, the movie ended and replayed itself more than once)

Tumblr meme - Y U NO

Sigh, I’m so fail.
Not just the marathon. Feels like all my past doings (school-wise) are coming back to bite me hard in the ass. Skipped classes till my attendance is so bad now that I can’t skip anymore.

And the insight paper – we had to write about the time we visited Mediacorp and watched a live show but I didn’t even go! Had to write an essay on why I didn’t turn up and still share my non-existent insights -_-

I hate school sfm.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this entry 😀
Memes are a vital part of the Tumblr culture ♡♡♡

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