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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

I hate goodbyes

GoodbyesEdited this picture myself! Only the words are not mine.

Anw, this is all so sudden and I can’t believe it’s happening (or happened) but what can I do? 🙁

Gone from school anyway 🙁

Last week she told us she wants to transfer schools.
Few days ago she told us she’ll be gone by next week.
Wednesday she told us it’s her last day at NYP.
Thursday she’s… gone.

I am sorry John Ho but I hate you!

Everything happened so fast. I still can’t get around all of these.
I always haboured this small glimmer of hope but well, even that is gone now.

Didn’t even know it was her last day so we didn’t prepare anything, except for taking some group photos 🙁

I no mood edit properly so some are untouched and the rest anyhow. And I look awful especially with too-long fringe that I keep forgetting to cut, but who cares how I look.

It’s the meaning and signifance of the photographs themselves that matter.

Can’t see my eyes -_-


Everyone looks happy here :>

Clutching my JuJu tightly

JuJu looks like she got ponytail!

All making sad face :<

White, black, white, black, white 😀
Coincidence, really!

My Titanic mate ♡♡♡

This is so sad!!
I know we can still keep in touch etc, but it just won’t be the same! 🙁

So we’re even-numbered now but all of us feel so odd.
Even though it’s only 3 months since we all met and became friends, 3 months is a lot of time.

We will miss you, Judith Yeong! ❤
Don’t forget about us and all the bestttt ok 😀

❤ Love you love you love you! ❤^-^❤

Where is the good in goodbye???

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