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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.


Love the life!

It’s odd. I was feeling kinda down the past 2 days but today I’m all happy and inspired again 😀 wooo days like these are the best!

I will elaborate on the past 2 days in another poast.

Had e-learning (BPS) at home this morning with ChrisP!  We could see his face on the screen and hear him teaching. And also talk to one another just like on msn. Cool! Got back ICA2 grades too and I’m satisfied (:

Seriously, ChrisP is the nicest lecturer we have among all. The rest are just plain sarcastic and etc… whatever.

Went back to school in afternoon for Scriptwriting. Classmates all guessed I won’t be coming but I surprised people yet again 😀 I wanted to skip, but had test for CATS afterwards at 4pm anw so might as well come.

The test consisted of 2 parts, one of which was an article about online anonymity while the other was to write an argumentative essay for, “Social networking sites have changed the way people interact with one another.”

Happy maxxxx because I love social media and networking! 😀 hehehe. I’m not sure if I went in the correct direction or did correctly but I certainly had fun writing the essay especially ^-^

And after class ended we 4 accompanied each other to wherever each of us wanna go. In the toilet, I was drinking juice and spat it out because Darry made me laugh!

Hahahahaha so funny, and I’m so sorry some juice got onto your clothes!

But still, we are incomplete. You heard me?

You’ll find out why later, if you don’t know.

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