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Feels so weird writing about stuff that happened long ago -_-
But for the sake of my memory decades down the road…

2 – 3 April (Sat/Sun)

Janine’s birthday celebration at cousin’s house!
Not a very photogenic day for me, I deleted most camwhoring shots {;_;}


Like the dress, no like the face.

Messing around while others played mahjong 😀 Playing with my phone like a boss. She’s super gadget-smart okay?? Know how to navigate and everything.

See her toes… my mom applied nail polish for her 😀
After showing her the first time, she learned how to lift her legs up and blow the toes dry!


Time to cut the cake!


Very pretty right :’)
It has bits of strawberry inside!


y u no look at camera??




Okay a bit lazy to narrate.
More photos and video on Facebook 🙂
Can hear Janine singing along to the birthday song while clapping her hands!



  • Yummy buffet dinner
  • We heated up the leftovers to eat at 3am
  • Everyone conked out by 6am
  • I didn’t sleep at all as usual
  • Spent my time watching videos of compiled Delena scenes 8)
  • Left for brunch together the next day
  • I had lor mee from this famous stall and the queue was like……….
  • My cousin reached her workplace 1 hour late LOL
  • Went home to sleeeeeep
  • Went grandma’s house for dinner in the evening

4 April (Monday)

Went to City Plaza with Darilene!
She tweeted me the night before and we were both like super onz HAHAHA I LIKE 😀

Apparently that is where most blogshops get their supplies and so should be cheaper than regular retail… But I wouldn’t say it’s actually cheap. Unless you are talking about the super ugly clothes. Plus nearly everyone was rude to us!! :@

Also, they see people and set prices one -_- Understand what I mean? Like you ask them how much and they tell different people different things zzzz.

The only nice one was our manicurist…


Again, I wouldn’t say it’s cheap but just moderately reasonable?
A lot better than the one I did at FEP for sure.

Super love the end result 😀
She said white > black so I took her recommendation and she added a touch of silver-gold lines too!

Sat there super long waiting for our nails to dry lol. Sooo afraid to ruin it!
After that we had ban mian for dinner. Ordered chicken wings too because someone walked past holding a plate and it was too aromatic to resist HEHEHE 😀

We walked for hours and were sooo tired!
But quite fun, and we both bought clothes too 😉

Can’t remember what happened on Tuesday – Thursday but probably not much since no photos nor tweets to stimulate my memory.

8 April (Friday)

Went to Northpoint’s Manhattan Fish Market for lunch with Amos and Danial!
They were having a $3.99 offer for thier fish and chips 😀
Place was packed. Sooo yummy and I was sooo full.

Dapao-ed back one set for my mom. Bought the new oreo frappes (mocha and cookie) home too! I wanted to buy both so I lied that I need help someone else who is parking the car buy also HAHAHA. There is no car… u mad?? 😛



Sorry both pictures damn ugly, I know. Take for fun only.

In my opinion, the mocha oreo was better. Coffee taste and I loved coffee. Though the mocha was my mom’s so I only had one sip. But it was really good! Cookie oreo was way too sweet. Like wtf-sweet.

9 April (Saturday)

Woke up at some inhuman timing to meet Jiahui at Northpoint. Frankly speaking I wasn’t keen on meeting her since she’s just my CCA junior in secondary school and we aren’t even that close. I wanted to sleep and had other plans in the afternoon!

But she kept bugging me and I already like pushed off one date. Seriously I was so pissed by some of her texts like “Eu got iphone if not bring camera?”

It’s like insinuating all iPhones have ultra good cameras which is not true. And if you are the one who insists “tmr we must take thousands of pics” and the one who keeps wanting to meet, why don’t YOU bring a camera?

Just shows how much you know me, not even knowing I bring my digital camera whenever I go out.

Anyway we ate, I saw Cotton On sales rack while walking past, went in and spent $30+, and we sat down to take pictures, some of which I have edited with different effects so as to make things less boring.


Somehow I think all the photos came out looking good that day and I looked okay, not super tubby or anything! Quite pleased except for the fact that the company is totally wrong sigh…

And the annoying thing was I wanted to quickly leave already but she insisted it’s not enough and kept wanting to do different poses and yet can’t think of any poses. Urghhh!!! -_-















Haiz would be good enough as Facebook profile pictures but no way am I doing that. People will think we super close or anything which is not true! And quite hard to crop also T^T Hahaha anyway she wanted to to go back AISS this week which I don’t see happening.

People not from my inner circle need to leave me alone… sorry.
I am already very annoying myself and like poles repel as we all know.

Anw the “other plans” in the afternoon I mentioned just now was flea with Darilene and Dian! 😀 It’s organised by Nuffnang and I thought it would interesting so I suggested going.

Supposed to start at 2pm but when we reached the stalls weren’t even ready and we had to sit outside for so long. Went in at around 2.30pm and still got a lot of empty booths. When we left, some of the bloggers/stall owners haven’t even arrived wtf!

But other than that not bad lah… I bought like a whole bag of clothes and all super cheap! 😀
After that we decided to go FEP so we all left and spontaneously jumped onto a cab even though I don’t think you can stop vehicles there. Hehehe we were all giggly as we got in ^^

Anyway Darilene wanted to buy this bag which costed around $38 but the salesgirl was insistent and kept saying no. And then this awesome thing happened…

Darilene: $35?

Salesgirl: Sorry… *shakes head*

Darilene: $36?

Salesgirl: Okay I give you 10% off…

So she takes out her calculator and does the math.
Guess how much Darilene paid in the end???

Had Thai food there for dinner and we hogged the table for quite long, just sitting down to chat and laugh. Went to sit down at the stone table and benches outside for quite long because we were tired plus FEP wasn’t very interesting today. Looong ❤2 which I really appreciate :’)

I remember reaching home  at 10pm because first thing I did was switch on the television for Vampire Diaries lol, just in time 😀 means we’ve been out together for like more than 8 hours!!!

10 April (Sunday)

Nothing much except a lovely morning and brunch with the family 😀
At night we went to bring somethings over to my grandma’s house then had dinner nearby. We ordered BBQ sambal stingray and sotong, rojak, sesame oil chicken, pig trotters’ soup, duck noodles LOL all my favourites!!!!

The rojak part very funny. My mom saw the table next to us eating and she was like, “Eh rojak~~~” because she loves it and then the uncle selling it happened to walk past her and heard, so he asked, “要吗? (want?)” LOLOLOL

In the end all eat until so full but very happy :’D

Ultimately I feel that it’s not the place or activity that matters, but the people with you


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  1. Overgrownmidget
    8:07 am on April 16th, 2011

    Nice poast 🙂 I iove ur long poasts <3

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