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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

So yesterday

Be Happy

Or rather, yesterday yesterday (16th).
Just random ramblings is all :3

Went to Baidu Steamboat with the fam and Jamie 😀
Blogged about this place before here and all I really wanna do is eat, so no pictures.

It was awesome. Food is always awesome. Spammed my plate with taiwan sausages lol.
Sorry pigs! But y u so yummeh?

After that we went back to Jamie’s house where I kept myself busy with a lil bit of mahjong, Hungry Shark, tweeting, tumbling and KIKing. Good day is good 😀 was really happy! Had a good laugh with the girls because I sent all of them a Mean Girls reference which I improvised till very relevant LOL

Shan’t share here and let it remain an inside joke teehee.
Ahhh simply love people and things that make me happy! 😀

Sorry everything’s all over the place…

LOL okay @DelenaOrDie is my private account which I use mainly to chat with the girls. Because I’m considerate this way and don’t wanna flood other people’s timelines by using @twiinklex. We’re awesome!!! And I love you all 🙂

Also, season 1 finale of TVD was airing on Channel 5 that day but I forgot and missed it 🙁
There’s just something about watching it online, on DVD and on television fyeah.

Urgh stupid Hotmail removed their Windows Live Spaces function and I’ve got 2 old blogs there!!! We were supposed to import everything to by 26 March, after which all blogs will be automatically deleted but I only realised in April. Means all my entries from lower sec are goneeeee! WTF

Both are private blogs which I don’t use anymore, I just go back to read occasionally. All nonsense… I think I showed Darilene in class before and we had a huge laugh about it because everything was so retarded.

I remember writing in the biggest font possible, in red color and CAPS, that this girl scratched me (it was an accident) but I pretended that it was an accidentally-on-purpose kind of thing and I made a hugeee (literally LOL) issue of it on my blog. but nobody else can read what. HAHAHA.

Actually I feel rather indifferent that those 2 blogs are gone because other than rubbish like the above, I wrote sad things which I couldn’t tell anyone. The reason why I’m mad is only because I copy pasted all my MSN chat logs with somebody there also (is that creepy??) and they were like super precious to me… lol ok wtf.

So damn shitty… first it was which I’ll always regret deleting for goodness-knows-what reason and now these 2 blogs. And I recently realised that my early Tumblr posts were all about you too WHICH IS JUST REALLY SAD.

It’s common knowledge that I can see who enters my blog whether it is via search engines (I can even see what you searched) or clicking on a link and a lot a lot more. So if you don’t want me finding out stuff, don’t be so dumb as to link my site or any of my entries on your blog.

Actually… don’t do anything that you don’t want people to find out about at all, especially online. It’s common sense. I find out a lot of shit this way as well as Googling all sorts of random crap when I’m bored 8)

Like how someone copy pasted a whole entry from here onto his Tumblr…
Well at least he credited me… -_- even though I’d prefer if you asked me first.

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