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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Baby, come back

That’s for all my readers who are getting bored of my blog and about to never return again. Lol jk, people who truly enjoy my nonsense will always come back for more 🙂 Hehehe bear with me for a little more!

I know my TVD craziness is getting more and more intense but hey, cut me some slack! It’s nearing the season finale and tomorrow’s episode is just gonna be epic, I bet. Episodes revolving round the town’s events like dances and celebrations are always…  omg I can’t even.

-Watch the trailer and see for yourselves –
(no idea why I can’t embed)

How can I not be excited??? Especially what with all the mini spoilers I’ve been reading…
It’s said that Damon will be more vocal and upfront about his feelings for Elena which may result in a little fist fight with his brother 😉

Damon: The vampires were all “ARRRRGGGHHHH” and you were all “AAAHHHHHHH”

I nearly died from cuteness overload pl0x. Look at their expressions!! I don’t think I’ve seen Damon this happy before :’) And this is definitely real, not a bring-up-your-hopes-and-then-dash-it kind! That’s definitely Elena, not Kat and it’s obviously not a thought/flashback but real life!

Oh and Elena jealous???? >:D

Okay enough spazzing…
I am compiling days’ worth of events into one proper poast so hope you all can be patient!

The first thing I’m gonna do tomorrow when I wake up is to watch The Vampire Diaries okokok.
If you are really wanna read something, my Tumblr is updated every day 😀

Gosh I never knew the day I’d turn into a fangirl…
But that was before I discovered Delena, Ian and Ryan ♡♡♡

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