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Ooohhmmm ohhmhmooo mohmmo

Waiting, Anticipating

Some things arrive in their own mysterious hour, on their own terms and not yours, to be seized or relinquished forever.

– Gail Goodwin

Moan moan moan.
No that wasn’t from an orgasm. It’s a moan of complaint, more like.

Tomorrow’s gonna be tressss crazy. DFVP ICA2!
Gonna be rushing here and there. No time for breaks in between at all.

Have to reach school by 8.40am to grab all the equipment and go to our respective venues to film. By 12pm we all have to start editing in school. At 3pm sharp we are to submit our final videos.

Can’t afford to be on time, you must be EARLY. So that you can start asap and there are limited digitechs (for editing process) so first come, first served!

And after the whole ICA, at 4pm we still have to stay back for some dumb talk.

My group is going all the way to Holland Road :/ Dad’s driving me to school and us to and fro the venue as well. Save time and cabfare! Most of the other groups are really cabbing (&  paying $).

YAY thank goodness for Dad and his marvellous taxi. It’s really good to have a father who is a taxi driver right! Love you Daddy 😀

Jas, Jiamin & I have put in so much effort to prepare everything, so I really hope all goes well. That we will produce something good and submit on time too!


Nabei I haven’t do my AV script due Friday!
Don’t know how do! Don’t even know how to insert the correct sort of table…

Last Lastly:

Feel uber motivated after scoring 15/20 (75%) on my Cyber Awareness GSM’s e-quiz. I have only been to 2 sessions (most of which I surf net on my laptop) and skipped the rest but hey, look!



P/S: My Furry Ass was one of the most well-received poasts so I am planning to do a sequel 😉 STAY TUNED!!

P/P/S: The title was random and anyhow-ed but I like it and I think it’s apt.


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One Response to “Ooohhmmm ohhmhmooo mohmmo”

  1. ferrywinkle24
    3:54 am on July 8th, 2010

    OMG!!! the “YAY thank goodness for Dad and his marvellous taxi. It’s really good to have a father who is a taxi driver right! Love you Daddy :D” part made me tear up a bit…

    here in p.i. most of the time when your dad is a taxi driver..their daughters/sons are ashamed of soo proud of you that you are proud of your dad and his work <3 <3 <3

    im so glad to have you as my friend, for i love my dad too ^_^

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