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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Just like yesterday

2 weeks have flown by so rapidly. It’s back to school again. Can’t say that I’m ultra psyched or anything, but I’m not hating it either. Just dreading all the shitloads of never-ending work.

Something due every day. When I finish this pile of shit/batch of work, a fresh new load comes right up. Have kinda gotten used to it though. Work work workkkkkkkk 🙂 I can do this.

Doing stuff last minute is my driving force. Seriously. I don’t have the habit of starting early, maybe just some planning. Well, there are exceptions of course, it depends.

Today, couldn’t decide whether to go GSM today so Clique and I took turns to flip a coin. All of us got the same result: Don’t go. Wheeee

And like most of you have known already, despite my whatsit everything, I have succumbed and joined the evil lion’s lair also known as Facebook. I may or may not elaborate my reasons (time factor), but the main reason is to RSVP for this event my mom wants me to go with her.

I can’t decide whether to follow my usual rule to only accept requests from people I personally know or am moderately close with. A lot of pending requests from people I don’t know or from AISS but whom I’ve never met or talked to before. I shall be direct and say I don’t know why, but all of them are guys.

And it’s not like I don’t have enough creepos at hand (elaboration later). But then again, it’s just Facebook where everyone adds everyone? I asked some of my friends if they will accept such random requests and all said yes. So… I don’t know. Just leaving all to pend now, happy waiting.

Plurk has changed so much. The people who I enjoy plurking most with are either all gone or inactive. The 4Cs and GraeBoe and etc. And now, it even has creepos. Plurk is no longer fun anymore.

No creepos on Twitter, only quote thieves. Made some online friends, most of them are either quote fans or fellow quote accounts.

Well I don’t mind if you steal a quote written or spoken by someone else but ripping what I composed myself is an entire matter. But forget it, I just have to get used to such things. I’ve kind of given up warning everyone who I’ve caught.

Mostly I just block the ones who have gone way beyond the line. Yesterday someone replied my warning with, “I stole them so they are my tweets now ^_^. “ And yes with that stupid face too. Cursed him back very nicely with just a Fuck You etc, but I had wanted to curse his mother and his penis to rot and drop off too.

Anw, creepos. Some of you aren’t even Singaporeans or living here so why would you need or want my number for. Isn’t all the many forms of communication on the Net sufficient? I think you all are irritating enough just online. And not in The Annoying Orange Way which I like either.

Some people are so fucking oblivious. Why can’t they tell from my offhand and one word replies that I am not in the mood nor do I want to talk to them? Even if I don’t reply, they will say something. It’s funny the questions they ask and things they will say just to keep the conversation going. Wtf is wrong with you people. It’s not like I know you very well, we haven’t even physically met before.

Wish I could be horrible and scold them or just simply say Fuck Off. But later I have no friends left or people to talk to, hahaha.

Insomnia still as bad, didn’t sleep at all again last Saturday. And the thing is on Sunday I’m not even tired. One of my cousins brought 100+ sets of KFC home from NDP rehearsal so my aunt wanted to give my family some.

I waited for her since everyone else in the family was asleep and I really didn’t expect her to drop by at 4.30AM, I thought it would be like at 3AM+ the latest?

So at 5am while most people (I presume) were already asleep, I was eating KFC. How very sinful! T_T but seriously… felt like eating and was a little hungry so…

And had to wake up at 6.3oAM so I decided to not sleep.

Okay this is such a stupid shit poast that I feel like deleting but nevermind. I will not delete anything, it is a nasty habit nonono no delete so okay bye

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