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Harsh but Heartfelt

This is killing me, I have to say something.

Good gawd, I don’t really want to say all these but it is so irritating seeing all the tweets by my classmates about how Ms Ang is biased blahblahblah.

You see, yesterday we got back our grades for Scriptwriting ICA1 (the feature article) and seems like majority of the class got a C grade. Heard that Vanessa got a A, and Brandon got a B+. Congrats! 🙂

I got B, along with Geraldine and Anmol.
Roughly, it’s like that lah.

So now some classmates keep complaining that Ms Ang is biased and whatnot. Someone said the other class scored better, and it is because they are Ms Ang’s form class.

Wait.. actually it’s just these select few people only, who won’t stop harping on it. Most people have already moved on after ample moaning, complaining etc.

Some even said they expected a C, they know where they stand. Good for you. Such people will obviously be able to go far in life. Unlike those who can’t even accept a small setback like this.

I will not deny that Ms Ang is strict in marking and a Grammar Nazi. But I don’t see anything wrong with it. After all, this is ScriptWRITING module. And you are in a MEDIA course which means you need a certain level of proficiency in English.

I understand that one may feel disappointed or that you deserve better marks, but honestly there is no need to go to the extent of declaring your newfound hatred for the teacher, let alone keep harping on the same thing over and over again.

Or go to the extent of making personal attacks.
Like calling her mushroom head when she doesnt not even have a mushroom haircut.

That is seriously uncalled for.
I’m sure you can do better than that.

Even I, who got penalised for leaving too big a space in between paragraphs, am not complaining or making a mountain out of a molehill. Yes, dumb thing to get penalised for. But I did. In fact, the very remark Ms Ang said to me after telling me my grade was, “You paragraphing is very FUNNY.”

But now, I am already over it.

So far, I have a C too, for DFVP module, but do you see me harping on it nonstop and saying that I hate Mr Azhar?

Gosh, some people are so fucking ridiculous that it’s almost a joke.

And one particular person is really getting on my nerves… look at the English standard of your tweets first before complaining lah. You have overestimated your English already, please.

Anw, my main point is simple:
Fucking get over it.

If everyone in class scored a C, I can understand.
But hello, there is at least one A and one B+ k!

And those 2 of them, their English is really really good. Both spoken and written. Near perfect.

Instead of complaining over what’s already been decided, why not work harder for the other ICAs. We just submitted our ICA2 (AV script) this afternoon.

I’d be happy with a pass because it is such slipshod work done anyhow.

Today, got into groups of 5 for BPS ICA3.
I fucking want to commit suicide just looking at most of my group members.

Even Darilene and Juju they all said that I’m going to die. SEE!!!? It’s not just me.

Oh, they are all right people and classmates… just not all right group members. FML so suay. Seriously. Can I go hang myself now.

Okay nevermind, I have already gotten over it after a whole morning of sulking and flooding Twitter with my rants. I am sure like all other times, I will make it through.

And I know this is a horrid poast which might make me a social reject/outcast in class overnight, but I don’t care. When have I ever given a damn about such things.

What needs to be said has to be said.

If I can’t even talk about how I really feel in my own blog, that would be beyond pathetic.

If I dare to say something, I dare to take responsiblity and admit it. Some random stranger said to me “You’re very brave ^^ “ after I tweeted that.

I’m not brave but I gotta say what I have to say!

That is the main reason why I never ever private any of my accounts or blogs. Nothing to fear! In fact, the more people read, the better.

Oh I heard someone went to broadcast my ranting tweets to everyone in class this afternoon, when I was in Extreme Sulking Mode vis-a-vis BPS.

Thankyou for thinking so well of my awesome tweets.
Don’t know why you need to specially go broadcast though, because everyone in class who has a Twitter account is following me.

I even said to JuJu & Darilene that I metaphorically want to commit suicide right in front of Mr Pang.

Hence I reinforce the fact that some people are so ridiculous that they are a joke themselves.

Grow up and start counting your blessings.
The fact that you don’t live in the Middle East or North Korea etc is already one of the biggest blessings.

Think about the powerpoint Ms Soo showed us on Monday.

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