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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

I am old

I keep meaning to get back into blogging but I feel so tired and lazy and it never feels like there’s enough time. Many things I wish I had documented (regardless of publicly or privately) because I like remembering and going back to read old posts since memories fade. Then again, maybe I didn’t write it down because deep down it’s not that significant.

I also thought about privatizing some of my old entries because CRINGE but end up I can’t decide which ones. Usually I’m talking in metaphors for myself anyway so it’s not like most people will get what I’m referring to. Or even anyone still reads this nonsense site. I did hide a small handful in the end… like I think, damn I’m a good writer but it wasn’t meant to be soooo.

Btw what did I ever share so many screenshots??? Cringe!!! I guess I am old. Now it feels weird to overshare.

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