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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.


I still cannot believe that 2 years passed without me logging into my blog at all. At the start I might have occasionally checked in to see if there’s still traffic but after some time it barely crossed my mind because #life. Funnily I still pay for the domain annually. Maybe I just like knowing that I have a space that I can return to whenever I need it.

I can’t imagine anyone still visiting this site… I have been re-reading my posts recently and find them super cringe LOL. I like that I have so much written down and documented though. Wish I had kept up the habit but then again, maybe it’s good that I MIAed from here because I usually only update actively when I’m dealing with a lot emotionally and need to unload.

There isn’t much to update because I have been super boring and a recluse ever since Covid struck. I look like a hobo most days and I cannot be bothered to socialise. Part of me loves not giving a fuck and how freeing it feels, another part of me misses my young, skinny, hot, motivated self lmao.

Achievements and milestones during Covid:

– Adopted a hamster who turned out to be pregnant and gave birth 2 weeks later. I kept all the pups so it was hectic trying to set up individual homes and even now the cleaning is back-breaking sometimes. But soooo cute and priceless omg…

– Spending thousands in vet bills. The most recent was putting Georgie to sleep last month after 5 months of vet visits. Every loss is devastating and nope it never gets easier…

– Reading over 500 books in 2022 lol what is wrong with me?

– Finishing countless dramas on Netflix, many of them more than once. Rewatching my favourite shows just feels so comforting. I never used to be part of the K-drama hype but now I get the appeal and am super hooked. I think I’ve watched Crash Landing On You ten times.

– I can’t believe how much I used to travel because I have not gone anywhere in 3 years and nor do I feel like going anywhere. In fact now I will probably collapse on my way up to Everest Base Camp with my current stamina, I don’t know how I achieved it so easily.

So yes I’m a boring old lady now. I also read somewhere that blogs are dead and everyone is on social media. Maybe I will try to resume my old life this year, who knows.

Btw, how is it 2am already?

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