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Treat yoself

May 27, 2018 / 6:57PM

I’m actually in relatively good spirits this week even though I’m (still) coughing my lungs out and my feet are dotted with swollen mosquito bites. Maybe because I am too tired and lazy to summon the willpower/discipline to starve myself. If anything, I ate a lot of sinful food all week and it is just so comforting that I don’t want to think about calories.

Plus I suppose I can afford to cut myself some slack after all the hard work. I think I lost like 10 pounds??? Quite proud of myself even if my methods weren’t the healthiest. But at least I got here… I was looking at my photos from Feb and thinking how fat I was even though that’s only like 3 months ago.


And I also feel like everyone has been extra nice to me this week maybe because they can tell I’m not feeling my best.

I was feeling damn sian on Wednesday because my intern has been giving me a lot of problems. Then Karl and Mark asked me to go Jollibee with them for lunch but it was only noon (I usually can’t get away till 2pm) and I still had quite a few important articles to do.

At first I was like ok nvm… ? Then I realised eh fuck it la why can’t I fuck care this once and it’s not like I get this chance every day and it’s the perfect day for this since CK is not around and Farah is fasting. So I really left everything and disappeared for 2 hours. Mark drove and Karl paid and I felt sooo good eating pasta and fried chicken and fries.

I know it’s just lunch but I was unusually grateful for the respite from work and my miserable diet and self-torture. Mark said he has been eating health food for 7 months so he “really needed this” which I totally get.

Also had a lot of wine that night (2 bottles for 2 people but I think I drank more) then I both liquid vomited and word vomited omg what’s wrong with me.

On Thursday evening, someone actually cooked me a meal and brought it all the way to my office ? Even the gift was very thoughtful and I was touched by the effort. Then someone else gave me VIP tickets to the FAFF premiere on Friday which was enjoyable.

Thank you everyone ok I really appreciate all these nice gestures and when people say nice things instead of unwarranted shit. And it’s always nice knowing that there are people who care about me.

I also had a lot of fun this weekend unboxing and sorting several parcels that arrived from overseas! One of them was actually 7kg and contained the leatherbound classics that I ordered online ???

Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics

SO PRETTY RIGHT WTF and they all have gilt-edged pages of gold and silver. Honestly they are not very cheap and more than what I would usually pay for a book but considering they are all special editions and collections of multiple stories, it’s quite worth it.

Just looking at them on my shelf makes me so happy ? My mother came into my room, shook her head and said I need to see a shrink for book obsession.

Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics Book Depository

Oh and look, I am capable of upbeat posts ok.

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