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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

I should be sleeping…

… But I’m not.

Only just finished work. Everyone did a double shift today because tomorrow’s teambuilding day so no one will be in the office at all. But there’s no such thing as an off day for newsrooms…

So tired. What a dull week because I haven’t really done much other than work. Wedding dinner on Saturday (blah), work on Sunday then an entire week of night shift. Bleurgh.

Okay despite all that, I’m actually feeling pretty fine. Maybe because I haven’t been drinking. And because I’m too busy to think about anything else. Which is good.

Just realised today that half of the financial year has gone by. Geez and there I was still thinking that I had lots of time left to work on all my projects and campaigns and targets… Gosh why does time fly by so quickly???

Feel like I have so much to do, even for stuff that’s not related to work. Adulthood sucks. I don’t even feel energetic as I used to nor can I stay up as late as I used to. What a bummer. In fact, I went to bed before 11pm yesterday.

All I wanna do is curl up in bed and read. I love reading all sorts of things. I just wish I had the luxury of time. And I miss Game Of Thrones so much!!

Farah and I were talking for a bit today and our conversation got me thinking… Hmmm different problems but we understood each other. But it’s not good to understand misery because it means you have been through it 🙁

Time for bed as I have a whole day of physical activity and dragon-boating tomorrow.

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