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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Henri Charpentier @ Dempsy Hill

Lunch with my cousins Pam and Diana two Thursdays ago (July 2). They let me choose between Dulcet & Studio and Henri Charpentier so I picked the latter because it looked sooo pretty from pictures online. The exterior was so pink and welcoming while the inside was so atas hahaha.

We are going to try Dulcet & Studio this Wednesday 😀

It’s the kind of place I wouldn’t mind sitting at for the whole day to chill. We were there from noon to about 5pm, swapping stories about travelling, our families, the past etc. Really nice (and rare) to have such a day of doing nothing but relaxing.

Henri Charpentier tomato egg sandwich

Some egg and tomato sandwich thing

Henri Charpentier caesar salad

Caesar salad

Skillet Herbed Chicken on Honey Glazed Sauce which was pretty good

Henri Charpentier chocolatine

Chocolatine. Nothing to shout about.

Henri Charpentier strawberry shortcake

Strawberry shortcake. Sooo light, soft and fluffy!! I couldn’t get enough of this.

Henri Charpentier iced royal milk tea

Royal Iced Milk Tea which is really ordinary and diluted. So not worth my $10.

Henri Charpentier Financiers Madeleines

Also got a box of Henri Charpentier’s signature Les Financiers and Les Madeleines for my family.

Les Financiers

$22 for 8 pieces but you can buy it for $2.90 per piece onwards. Not cheap but really delicious! They have loads more of other pretty pastries that you can bring home.

Les Madeleines

Okay actually the food there is mostly overpriced and the place itself is quite inaccessible. But the ambience is really lovely and that alone makes me want to come back to try the rest of the desserts, because that’s what they are famous for.

I can’t believe I was there and I didn’t try the Crepe Suzette (we had normal crepes and that’s all it was… normal) or the Dome!!! They look really popular but I was too full for more.

It’s a super photogenic place so you have the perfect excuse to get all dressed up and take a whole load of pictures. Why not try out the popular bohemian look? There are so many sophisticated outfits that you can create from Zalora’s products.

Love such dresses that I can effortlessly throw on and still look good + feel comfortable in.

Choose from a wide range of boots, wedges, pumps and sandals to go with your outfit.

And don’t forget to complete the look with a bag or some accessories 😉

Oh and look what my cousin Diana sent me. Guess who?!

Ok actually part of the reason why my cousins asked me out for lunch was because they were so worried after reading my blog. Which is why I disabled sharing the last few blog posts on Facebook.

I seem to be making people worry a lot lately. Heard that my colleagues had been so worried over the whole thing that someone actually suggested an intervention (luckily they dropped the idea lol)??? They are the only ones who know the whole story.

But doesn’t matter, it’s a closed chapter now. Sadly, I just have a habit of re-reading old books that I really like. Just because it’s over doesn’t mean I am over it. But don’t worry, I know I will be okay. One day I will be happy again and look back on how dumb this is but for now, it’s hard to control how I feel.

browsing books gif

Logically, I really know everything including the cliche stuff like time heals everything / you deserve better / plenty of other fish in the sea etc. I know all of that already… just like how I knew from Day 1 it was all only going to end in tears (mine). From beginning to end, I was never delusional nor was I working towards the fairytale ending. Not even once.

For every single thing I did or decision I made throughout, whether good or bad, I had my own reasons. Out of all the many things I feel, guilt and regret aren’t even on the list. That’s all people need to know.

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