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A guy bought $100 worth of clothes from me on Carousell

You know how they say that if something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t? Well, I found out that isn’t always the case.

On Wednesday (Oct 8), some guy bought $100 worth of clothes from me on Carousell. 30 pieces to be exact. Way below the prices I bought them at but I’m desperate to get rid of them (especially considering my upcoming travels). Didn’t mind giving a huge discount on top of the already dirt cheap prices either since it was a bulk purchase.

carousell cheap clothes

A huge pile of stuff I put up for sale. Turned out he was planning to sell them overseas (I don’t care what people do with my stuff after purchase).

I thought he was trolling at first, especially considering how easygoing and not fussy he seemed to be, with minimal questions about the clothes themselves. I even asked for a deposit at first because I didn’t want to pack everything and go to the meeting point, only for him to MIA. Plus his account was unverified and empty.

But I didn’t in the end because he suddenly asked if we could meet up before even confirming what he wanted. After I explained to him how the sale worked, he just picked what he wanted and I quoted him the price. He didn’t even haggle further!

carousell flea

At that time I still didn’t take him seriously… Until he said he was at Khatib already then did I start packing the items and practically sprinted to the MRT Station. Which means he wasn’t just real, but also waited for a panting, sweaty and very late me.

After the deal and on the way home, I started to wonder if the two $50 notes he gave me were fake. I even considered buying something at NTUC to swop the notes and get rid of “incriminating evidence”. But my dad confirmed that the money’s authenticity hahaha.

If you are on Carousell, you would know that apparel is one of the hardest things to sell because the supply way exceeds the demands. Love it when people buy in bulk. It’s a really great platform for selling old stuff! Don’t even need to spend time creating a website.


Have had my account for over a year but never actually posted the links on my social media accounts. I also don’t know why. Click on the photo above to browse my items (and hopefully buy)!!!!

The following day, I met up with another buyer and he kept calling me ‘bro’ through texts… Too bad I had to eventually tell him I was in a dress for us to identify each other because I really wanted to see his reaction when he realised I wasn’t a dude.

Just like home

So you might noticed I randomly disappeared again after a string of consistent updates hehe -_- Madness, August is over!! Which means I’m back at work and yesterday was my first day even though I’ve already been here a year 😛

Gonna just make a quick update of what I’ve been busy with during my one month holiday. First week was basically just slacking around in my world of fiction, second week was spent nursing my guinea pig, third week was spent in Bangkok and I’ll be sharing mostly about the fourth here.

Went back to office last Friday (30 Aug) to give out my Bangkok gifts and also because it was Hui Min and Meredith’s last day! Mini 3-way celebration with sushi, cupcakes, and laughter. So delish!! 😀

 photo photo2-vert.jpg

I missed this place… best bunch of people ever. Been nervous about doing Lollipop/MYP/night/weekend shifts but they have been so reassuring and patiently showing me the ropes.
Following photos from Meredith’s instagram!

 photo 1b47276a114811e3a9b322000a9e5afc_7.jpg
 photo e7bb9452114811e3aac622000ab5bc37_7.jpg
 photo 018a0666114911e3948222000a1f9307_7.jpg
 photo 3fea4bf0114911e386be22000a9f139c_7.jpg

Anyway, first thing Editor asked when I came into office was if I dyed my hair and we were all very impressed with how observant he was hahaha.

Hope everyone liked the small purses even though it’s nothing much. Was worried that they wouldn’t like the colours. I picked for the girls with their favourite colours/designs in mind (which I got right ^^) and neutral colours for the guys. Kenneth immediately transferred his coins over and said, “Don’t say I never use ah…” hehe yay.

 photo b9aee0bc115911e3a64d22000a9f1590_7.jpg

The Kumar Shrine HAHAHA
Would love to see his reaction when he comes back :’D

 photo 21948108115711e3871e22000ae80c97_7.jpg

I’ve spent so much of my time here that it feels like a second home. Can you believe I’ve been part of this small yet awesome team for a year already??? Hope that everything goes well and I’ll be able to overcome all the new challenges coming my way!

 photo IMG359-1.jpg
Also visited the Laptop General Hospital with my parents one morning to collect mom’s laptop.
What an odd and adorable name.

 photo IMG357.jpg

Lunch at People’s Park together.
Pretty good bak chor mee with loads of ingredients 😀

 photo IMG358.jpg

More random photos of food from the same week:

 photo photo5.jpg

I’m so proud of this photo. Cup noodles has never looked better. All thanks to my mom’s iPad which I have been using a lot. And not forgetting my mom who made the noodles for me 😛

 photo IMG361.jpg

Mixed vegetables rice from one of my favourite stalls near my house. Been eating it since young ^^
Taken from my phone as you can tell from the drop in quality -_-

My dad always buys us such a wonderful spread of dishes and our favourites regardless of what we are eating. Then his own meal will look so plain compared to ours… same goes for my mom :’) Then we will end up exchanging ingredients so everyone gets everything. I love dinners where everyone is present.

Maccha House

Dinner with You You on Thursday (29 Aug) at Orchard Central’s Maccha House before watching The Purge. Really underrated place, probably because of its location because OC is always so deserted. Furthermore, it was hidden away in the basement. Oh well, I love quiet places with no people.

Maccha House

Love my tasty spicy pork rice! So much meat and the prices are really reasonable. No service or GST charge too! Definitely going back to try all their Matcha desserts which looked so good.

Maccha House

You You’s ramen with the proper Japanese egg 😀

 photo photo12.jpg

Been busy packing my stuff too so as to make space for my enormous Bangkok haul. Yeah I know, I know, my room is super messy thanks to all my clothes and this is not even my whole wardrobe. Some I’ve bought for more than a year and still have yet to wear while others have only been worn once or twice. Sigh why am I so extravagant?

Thank goodness for this mobile app called Carousell which Hui Min introduced to me.

 photo Untitled.jpg

Simply snap photos of what you wanna sell on your mobile device and upload it here. Then you can meet other buyers/sellers. Best thing is it’s completely free of charge! Good way of getting rid of clothes I don’t want. I’ve sold about 6 items in 3 weeks and made $40+. Much better than just throwing away right?

 photo photo8-horz.jpg

Just for laughs LOL I love my baby too much. Have removed it though, in case I got reported and suspended. You’re not allowed to sell animals but I’ve seen rabbits, cats, hamsters and even a giant terrapin. Feel so sad for them.

 photo photo13.jpg

Gave my baby a shower one sunny day the same week :3
Can’t get over how cute guinea pigs are… especially mine!!!

 photo photo14.jpg
 photo photo15.jpg
 photo photo16.jpg
 photo photo18.jpg

 photo photo19-horz.jpg
 photo IMG354.jpg

Love her many expressions

 photo IMG356.jpg

Relaxing while drying off. She was such a good girl during the shower that I let her help herself to her favourite food, straight from the bottle 😀 I don’t know why she likes the pellets and stuff so much. We call it her Happy Meal ^^

 photo photo23.jpg
 photo photo22.jpg
 photo photo21.jpg

In a super good mood so far too because Monday went smoothly.

– Completed one Carousell deal
– Fantastic weather as it rained the whole night
– Mom made yakitori for dinner and cheesecake for dessert
– It’s my off day so it feels like I returned to work for only one day
– Yadda yadda and loads more, so much love and gratitude for all I have in life! ❤❤❤