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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Sleepovers at 18 and 21

Had a sleepover at Ling Yue’s house with Clement few days back on Wednesday/Thursday. Let’s just say I’m utterly disappointed in myself. Times have changed and I’m not even kidding when I say age is catching up with me.

Let’s do a comparison to my last sleepover with friends aka the two times we were at Mark’s house during TEP, on August 27 and October 21 in 2012. (wow has it been that long?)

Sleepovers at 18 Sleepovers at 20
No problems staying up all night, refused to sleep First to surrender and K.O.
Only slept when I went home the next day Slept at 4am+ after a few hours there
 Finished 5 movies and played some games  Finished 1 and slept through the other 2
 Nothing extraordinary I think
 Only woke up more than 10 hours later
 It was 10am when I reached home
 It was 3pm when I woke up

We planned to have a BBQ at Ling Yue’s condo but didn’t manage to book a pit. So we downgraded by planning to have pizza except that nowhere has 24-hour delivery. So we downgraded again to McDonald’s plus chips and wine from NTUC hahaha.

Watched Hello Stranger which Clement said was nice but Ling Yue and I kept dissing it. I remain horribly unimpressed by most romantic comedies and this was no exception. The characters were so annoying and wishy-washy!

Wanted to see Pee Mak (which I loved because it made me both laugh and cry so hard) but couldn’t find it. Watched some videos and I was in stitches from laughing so hard because of how Ling Yue ripped everything apart.

Settled on another Thai rom-com called 30+ and On Sale after that. About 10 minutes in, I told everyone I was going to bed LOL. Clement and Ling Yue went on to watched My Sassy Girl (Korean version, which I loved as well) before they called it a night.

 photo unnamed2.jpg

They took a photo of me and said I was all sprawled out like Patrick from Spongebob.

Okay I’m simply overworked because I’m sleeping too little as usual and I’ve been doing triple my usual workload this week. Plus I had alcohol this time. And I wasn’t watching anything scary to keep me up.

I don’t think I’ve fallen asleep in theatres this year yet ok!! Cos I don’t go as often as I used to so I only watch the ones I really want to see. But even when I do fall asleep, I’m pretty sure the movie is to blame for being boring. Not me!! Action movies with all the loud sound effects included i.e. Man of Shit.

 photo worstmovie.png

Had lunch and dessert together before we parted ways. I guess it’s nice that we all live in the neighbourhood. And I’m glad we could do something like this together as a mid-week break since all of us are weekend workaholics.

Back on the subject of aging… I’m really not kidding!! I’m so easily tired nowadays, I’m getting fat, the conditions of my hair and skin feel like they are deteriorating everyday. If you noticed, I don’t even post or take selfies anymore -_-

But okay, it’s been a pretty good week with some good news even. All will be revealed in good time 😉 Sigh I’ll be working tmr while everyone else is watching NDP 🙁 Andre wanted to give me tickets T_T And did I just use 3 emoticons in 1 paragraph.

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