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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.


It’s a word that’s growing on me hahaha. Maybe because it feels like there are no other words that sound as worn out and fatigued as shagged does. I am very tired ok… since I didn’t sleep much this weekend. But it was worth it 😀

I have a lot of half-written drafts that I don’t have time to finish and publish so here’s a quick filler about the weekend. So many things going on! Excited at all the possibilities August is going to bring…

meadow girl

– Went back to office on Saturday just to transfer files
– Preparing for a huge change!! Check our site later 😀
– Planned to go Haji Lane to collect my week-overdue parcel
– Never even made it there because I got stuck at Bugis Street for the whole afternoon
– Went on a mad spree again but idc I love all the sparkly/pink/ribbon stuff I bought
– Watched Wolverine with Amos and Linus… it was all right
– Supper at Swee Choon and this time we didn’t over order hahaha
– Dabao-ed a bit back for my parents and they loved it 😀
– Saw my dad licking his fingers lol ily both!
– Shall bring them there to eat next time
– Already brought them to Mongkok (yesyes wait for the individual post)
– Did some more preparation work for the aforementioned even though I was desperate for sleep

– Woke up at 7am+ on Sunday which is earlier than my waking up time on work days asdfghjklz
– Went to JB for the whole day with Chris and David
– I swear one day in JB puts my whole week’s worth of gym efforts to waste
– Hahaha but who cares it’s the weekend!
– Got home and realised that my brother forgot to clean the furballs’ cages
– So I did even though I was super tired because I won’t sleep well if I know my babies aren’t

– Office felt like a war zone today and everyone’s stressed out
– Left late and was feeling damn lazy so I skipped gym ooops
– Don’t know why I am so hungry today too even though I ate so much urgh
– Let’s save the self-loathing and regret for another day shall we

I am trying to slowly alter my sleeping habits ok. Slept before 1am three times in the last two weeks!! That counts for something. Geez I can’t believe how quickly time flies everyday. Okay gonna bounce into bed now bye.

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