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No not dead!! But updates about my life (loads… and one announcement too) will come another time. I have reasons for leaving my blog to rot as well. Maybe you will know in the next entry, if I ever get round to it.

Can’t believe how good Pacific Rim was! The score composer is a god and so is the one responsible for the visual effects. Watched it twice in two days (last Thursday, ended at around midnight, fell asleep HAHA bite me. And last Friday, ended at 3am but didn’t even yawn once). In this case, the dozing off was a matter of fatigue and not boringness.

Anw I think it has gotten to the point whereby I can tell if a movie is good or bad even if I’m asleep since I do it so often. I liked Pacific Rim right from the start and remained impressed to the end. It’s not like I go into a deep slumber. I can still hear everything but my body wants the shut-eye. Don’t know why it’s so hard to believe I can sleep through a loud, action-packed movie.

Love the movies released this year! So much than last year’s garbage. Love that I watched most of them on either the opening day or way ahead of most people too muahaha there’s so much kick in that. Such as being able to join in discussions and share opinions on Yahoo Answers 😀

Rough ratings for all 2013 movies I’ve seen. in order of preference. They differ slightly from my film list for reasons I’ll explain another time.  Only #9, #21, #31 and #36 weren’t theatre viewings. Didn’t include 2012 movies released and seen in 2013 but I will in my detailed reviews next year.

No. Movie Rating
1 Now You See Me 9.5/10
2 Pacific Rim 9.5/10
3 Pee Mak 9.5/10
4 Warm Bodies 9.0/10
5 Oz The Great And Powerful 9.0/10
6 The Croods 9.0/10
7 In The House 9.0/10
8 The Great Gatsby 8.5/10
9 The Call 8.0/10
10 Side Effects 8.0/10
11 Blind Detective 7.5/10
12 Mama 7.5/10
13 White House Down 7.5/10
14 G.I. Joe: Retaliation 7.5/10
15 Judgement Day 7.0/10
16 Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters 7.0/10
17 World War Z 7.0/10
18 Dark Skies 7.0/10
19 Safe Haven 7.0/10
20 Fast And Furious 6 7.0/10
21 I Give It A Year 6.5/10
22 Iron Man 3 6.0/10
23 The Hangover 3 6.0/10
24 Oblivion 6.0/10
25 Drug War 6.0/10
26 Gangster Squad 5.5/10
27 Badges Of Fury 5.5/10
28 Saving General Yang 5.0/10
29 Man Of Steel 5.0/10
30 Don’t Cry, Mommy 4.5/10
31 Admission 2.0/10
32 Evil Dead 2.0/10
33 The Haunting in Connecticut 2 1.0/10
34 The Last Exorcism 2 0.5/10
35 A Haunted House 0.5/10
36 VHS 2 0.0/10

The top 10 are fantastic movies that I fell in love with… Now You See Me is my absolute favourite mainly because of it being like a psychological thriller with mind-blowing twists. With a marvellous soundtrack and spectacular visual effects to boot. Don’t think 2012 had any good films of that genre at all -.- Ugh waiting for the torrent and DVD to rewatch countless times!

Hehe here’s the playlist for the whole soundtrack 😀

I’m just gonna pretend Nolan was never associated with Man Of Steel ok? It bored me from the start and I fell asleep for most of the movie but did not care enough to want rewatch it. It’s so flawed but I shall save it for my detailed reviews. At least my God wasn’t the director… geez I said I was worried it would suck because it’s made by Zack Synder who made Sucker Punch (which is exactly like its name – sucky and deserving of a punch) and look what happened?!

In the middle of a very engaging fic recently so bye.

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