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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Very grool

mean girls grool

– Ugh totally had such a moment at work during in front of my colleagues and editor
– I meant to say that a story was ‘mine’ but I was thinking about the ‘moth’ in the story
– So it came as something like ‘moi’… asdfghjklm
– Why am I such an awkward person

– Like yesterday I was going to the library to return books
– And my plastic bag broke the moment I alighted the bus so all my books went sprawling
– A group of guys in front helped me pick them up
– I just took my books, said thanks and scurried away without even looking at anyone
– You people saw nothing ok

– I paid $10 in library fines as well
– Isn’t the rate like 10 cents per day or something
– Ok so I borrowed seven books
– And maybe they are close to 2 weeks overdue
– I honestly had no time to return them…
– BUT STILL, $10????? Are you insane NLB

– Slacked off in running again this week; I only went on Monday
– Tuesday’s plot twist: Slept at 8pm… twist undone by waking up at 1am.
– “Ok I shall not sleep anymore since I have already slept more than on an average day.”
– “Ok I shall just take a quick nap but wake up a lot earlier.”
– “Oh fudge it’s already 8.30am.”
– As with all grand plans of mine, this was epic fail as well

– Just like how I said I wanted to cut my hair weeks ago and I still haven’t
– Just like how I can finally change my phone and I sill haven’t
– My excuse is I’m waiting for the pink S3 to come to Singapore
– I thought I would be okay with a white one but then
– I saw a Note 2 in pink the other day and it was sooo pretty
– Why would you have a pink Note 2 but not a pink S3 or S4
– Omg pink
– I mean, just look at the colour of the text you’re reading

– Shopping and Hangover 3 with Youyou on Wednesday
– Geez I spent $80 at HMV two weeks ago but I bought more dvds anyway
– But I’m so happy ok because it’s GSS so everything was cheap
– Thankfully I didn’t see any of the titles I bought two weeks ago

– Omg can you believe it I managed to find Clueless (1995)!!!!!
– But they didn’t have Requiem For A Dream (2000)
– Which is outrageous because how can you not stock such a classic
– They didn’t have Following (1998) as well which is a freaking masterpiece
– I NEED it to complete my Christopher Nolan collection!!!!!!!! ❤

– Erwin came to look for me under my block when I was on the way home
– As you know I am a very fast-paced control freak who likes everything quick
– And this was one of the rare times I decided it would be ok to just sit down and do nothing
– But just catch up with an old friend from primary school
– Somehow ended up walking to Macs to get ice cream at 3am

– Parents fetched me from work on Thursday
– Happened to be raining heavily that day 😀
– I knocked out cold right after dinner again for the second time this week
– My dad dozed off on the living room floor as well because I took his spot on the bed
– I knew it couldn’t be just me with such a habit…

– Love how on Friday morning, right after the meeting, Baoying and I immediately turned to each other
– I pointed upstairs (referring to the cafeteria) and she whispered, “Yong Tau Foo”

– Watched Now You See Me at night with Linus and Amos
– Omg I’ve been waiting for so long and it was very near perfect
– I wish it was perfect… but it’s okay because the cast already is ❤‿❤
– Jesse Eisenberg Jesse Eisenberg Jesse Eisenberg and his beautiful voice
– Idc my future husband better have Ian’s smoulder and Jesse’s voice asdfghklcz

Speaking of which, does anyone have a link to Jesse Eisenberg’s Univision interview with Romina Puga (heinous bitch how dare you!!!!)? I cannot view the original clip because it’s not available in Singapore and I can’t find it anywhere else 🙁 Sigh I swear people these days don’t know the meaning of ‘lighten up’ anymore.

– David came to fetch me after that
– I am very sad because he sold his red car and bought another one
– Lol I’m not even the owner but stilllll
– Anw Jerry said I look thinner muahaha
– 再接再历, 继续努力!!
– Must stop slacking and start running twice a week again
– Try not to ask me out on Mondays and Thursdays ok HAHA

– Midnight supper at Swee Choon on Saturday with Amos, Linus, Yixuan and his gf
– Lol we ordered WAY too much for five people
– Linus ordered 4 sets = 16 pieces of goreng pisang
– Why would you do that
– No really
– Why

It means a lot to me to come home to awesome food cooked by my mom or meet my friends after a long day at work. So many reasons to be happy… like how I’m receiving a parcel a day thanks to my spate of online purchases recently. Idk… love working so much that I don’t even feel like going back to school anymore. Even the factor of distance is on work’s side. But oh well I’ll see.

Getting loads of male attention lately and I don’t understand why. Like… a lot more than usual. 4, 5? I’ve just been going about my life the same. Is everyone high on drugs. Not gonna say much about the topic on my blog as usual, but everything that’s been happening just got me started thinking about lots of stuff. Ok whatever.

Omg I am so mad (not really) because everyone’s discussing The Purge on Yahoo Answers, which I’ve been wanting to see since forever whether good or sucky, but it’s only released here on 29 August. By then, no one will be talking about it on the forum anymore. I want to watch Before Midnight really badly too, the first 2 films were so good T_T

Youyou said we can start making plans for Paranormal Activity 5 already lol. We watch it every year 😀 Oh and I’m so worried Man Of Steel will suck and ruin Nolan’s flawless record. If it does I’ll just say it’s because he’s only the producer. If you thought Inception was great… just wait till you see the rest of his filmography.

Woah, long post.
But these weekly synopses are fun.

That's all folks

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