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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Buzzfeed staff is stalking me??

perks of being a wallflower

Never really liked Perks Of Being A Wallflower (movie is good though) but I guess I can relate to this quote currently. It’s been a week of being both happy and sad, as well as unnecessarily strung and up and terminally chill.

– Most unhealthy week ever because I did not go running at all but ate more junk food than usual
– I don’t care, take it as I’m having the week off ok I had a lot on my mind/plate (lol punny)
– McSpicy on Tues and Wednesday, Cheese fries and takos on Thursday, pizza on Friday >:@
– Oh gosh the wanton mee near my office is to die for and always sold out by noon
– Which is nowhere near my lunch time so some days I get it for brunch ^^
– That’s what happened on Thursday so during lunch I said I didn’t want to eat a full meal
– I ended up getting cheese fries. And takos balls. And bubble tea. Which I’m pretty sure is worse.
– Fridays are the absolute WORST because the cafeteria sells both braised duck rice and yong tau foo
– Me!!! Forced to make an important decision every week!!! Can you believe it
– Anw this week I picked yong tau food and I poured so much sauce on it as usual

Cashier uncle: Wa like soup
Me: You said that all three times I bought this!
Cashier uncle: Because only one person will like that

Lol I just have a habit of spamming condiments. I’ll never forgot how once during a school camp, my teacher asked if I was eating bread with butter or butter with bread.

– Was in epic fail mode again on Friday
– I spilled lychee beer on my and Terence’s desks and his things
– Supposed to meet Andre at Braddell who was coming down from Clarke Quay
– The train came just as I said I’ve reached and Andre replied that he was at the back
– So naturally I boarded it…

LOL not even the first time because last time I was supposed to pass him something but I didn’t know he meant that very day. So when work ended he asked where I was and I said, “Leaving”. But I meant leaving to meet my friends elsewhere and not leaving to go home. So after an hour or so he finally asked where I was again and we realised he had been waiting for nothing. See, this is the problem with living nearby lololol.

– Epic fail #3 when I decided to watch Pulp Fiction on my laptop
– I only made it past the opening credits and first scene when I started feeling very sleepy…

I have really shitty stamina on Fridays since I’ve accumulated a whole week’s worth of fatigue. Been wanting to watch Evil Dead since it came out on May 9 and I still haven’t watched it 🙁  It’s quite a pain because of the R21 rating. Most people I know either hate horror movies or don’t look old enough so they’ll probably want to check our age zzzz.

In other news, I went to graduation (separate post with photos in the making) feeling very indifferent but I was quite sad after, which I hadn’t expected to be. Kenneth said “What did you expect, you even have a problem with movies” and he is very right actually. No one is stranger to the fact that I get very emotional easily… I laugh and cry at everything.

mean girls gif

Speaking of which, I tweeted what my colleague said, because it was so true, and someone replied that my colleague was “mean” to “make fun” of my “unique traits” which really grated my nerves but I didn’t respond. Awkward moment when someone can’t differentiate a joke from a jibe. Seriously can’t stand it when people think they know everything just because they read my blog/twitter/fb, which isn’t even half of what actually goes on in my life.

Anyway, my blog got a tiny mention on Buzzfeed twice recently (1) (2), because they used my pictures in their posts. Just CTRL + F ‘twiinklex’ hahaha. Though in the first post, the gif wasn’t made by me and the second post was… eh. Did you really have to bring it up, Buzzfeed? Really, Buzzfeed?

Lol no I don’t feel upset or stalked. Lighten up and stop making assumptions 🙂

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