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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.


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– It’s graduation tomorrow and I didn’t even want to go
– But then Andre reminded me of my Director’s List last semester which is quite uplifting
– I forgot to ask any of my friends to come since I didn’t think it would be a big deal
– Now it’s too late to get extra tickets and even my brother doesn’t have one
– Why do we have to be in stupid formal wear when the robe is gonna cover everything?
– Argh can’t wait for the whole thing to be over and leave… 101 things to do this week
– I dozed off at my desk today at around 5pm which is a first
– Kenneth had to call me don’t know how many times before I responded

– I’m blaming it on the bottle of chilled lychee beer since I sleep at 5am everyday
– Even Huimin and Sarah were affected by it so it’s not just me
– It’s kinda crazy… my body refuses to sleep unless it’s really late these days
– But sleeping late has never affected my life or work, and never will
– I need to use my 7 days of leave by end of July. When should I use it?
– I can’t decide what to do after July but I’ll think about it after I have enough sleep

I wonder if people realise how annoying it is when they try discouraging me from the great loves of my life. That is 1) sleeping late 2) shopping 3) keeping my hair long the way it is. Lol at least 4) spicy food and 5) horror movies are less frowned upon. What do YOU know?

The line at 0:51!! Okay!!!! Get it!!!!!

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