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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

My… Precious!!!!

 photo babypigs-1.jpg

Super old pic from at least 5 years ago when we went to check out the latest batch of newly-born guinea piglets. The black & white one caught my eye, mom liked the vibrant brown one, but bro brought home (on a different day) the white one huddled in the corner. I think it was partly because the rest kept running and were super hard to catch. Not that I mind in the least 😀

This was my fourth guinea pig, who’s still here with another one from the same parents but a different litter. 5 years old and 6 years old! My very first guinea pig would have been 7 years old if she was still around. Have I really raised them for that long? I consider them legit family members ok… can’t imagine life without them.

They are usually the first people I see when I come home from work since everyone else will be in their own rooms. To be greeted by these cute furballs after a long day… that means a lot to me.

 photo IMG123.jpg
 photo IMG122.jpg

From just a few days ago. I never get tired of squealing over them and every single thing they do even after so many years.
Does anyone else fangirl over their own pets? Because I sure do.  SO CUTE RIGHT????

 photo SAM_0787.jpg
 photo SAM_0785.jpg
 photo SAM_0786.jpg

Them drying off after a bathe from three weeks ago! Hence the wet-looking fur. I was trying to lure them around with the lettuce but eh. Think they just wanna go home and rest because they almost never refuse food :’D

 photo 522589402.jpg

 photo 522589718.jpg

These are from a really long time ago, freshly out of the shower on a separate occasion.
Pets really make people happier and a difference to our lives :3

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