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Movie Reviews 2012: Part 2

I am aware that it’s almost mid-2013 but bite me!! Hahaha oh well this is all just for fun anyway. If you need a quick opinion, just ask directly or refer to my film lists. Anw I’m skipping The Dark Knight Rises (#9) because I have too many feels and the trilogy deserves a solitary post on its own.

8. The Amazing Spiderman (6.5/10)

the amazing spiderman

“The Amazing Spiderman is amazing.” Erm… not true. Not even after watching it three times in theatres. The first time was at 2am and I ended up being so tired that I kept dozing off towards the end. Second time was all right and the only one I paid for. Third one I had a really bad flu and couldn’t concentrate at all.

I don’t remember anything about the original trilogy anymore, other than the fact that Spiderman was my childhood favourite because I was just so awed by the films. Maybe it was because I was really young and impressionable, but I remember that selfless vibe given out by that old Spiderman. They say this reboot followed the comics and original characters more closely, but I don’t know the comics so I don’t really care.

As usual, I totally overhyped myself where this movie is concerned because the trailer looked so good. Not to mention that the leads were so perfect and my favourite people. What could possibly go wrong and how could it, right? But it did and I was left sorely disappointed. I just didn’t feel the same vibe from my childhood…

Basically it was just a generic superhero action flick. Nothing outstanding and not a movie I would keep thinking about afterwards. Also, Spiderman took off his mask way too much!!! I felt like Spiderman’s character arc wasn’t very well-done either. It felt like he was only being Spiderman because he felt a responsibility to do so, and not because he genuinely wanted to. Even up till the end. Plus why was he such a goof? Especially when he had just discovered his powers.

But the movie had its redeeming points as well. Some shots were really stunning, such as the funeral scene with the rain and black umbrellas. And all the lights and skyscrapers. Etc etc. Favourite quotes include, “We all have secrets: the ones we keep… and the ones that are kept from us.” and “Don’t make promises you can’t keep… but those are the best kind.”

10. Gone (6/10)

gone film

This was actually surprisingly good… right up to the crappy and weak ending which made it fall from at least an 8 to a mere 6. Not exactly one of those movies with a twist that I like so much but just a standard suspense movie based on a simple premise. The thing is, it was actually good, the storyline was solid and worked well. Keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat, and you start to wonder if the protagonist is really telling the truth or just crazy.  Then the climax came… and that was when it all fell apart.

Such a disappointing (anti) climax after all that buildup of suspense and mystery! It’s honestly such a pity because there was so much potential and so many viable options to end the movie. I wasn’t even asking for a twist since I felt it would have worked with any standard ‘The End’. I’d just expected to see more action to wrap the whole thing up nicely. But the ‘fight’ between the villain and protagonist wasn’t even five minutes, it was so unrealistic how she overpowered him that quickly, and the final resolution was so rushed.

Also the cop was really weird and creepy… I don’t know what was up with that since they never did explain it. But still, quite a good film if not for what I mentioned above.

11. Piranha 3DD (5/10)

piranha 3dd.jpg

Trashy movie that I nevertheless enjoyed and had a laugh at. The kind that you don’t take seriously but watch anyway out of curiosity and because you have seen its prequels, so why not? That’s the way I feel about most horror movie franchises actually; Wrong Turn, Paranormal Activity and the likes.

Piranha 3D was actually quite okay but this!!!! I think it was meant to be a joke. Even more over the top with the in-your-face-boobs-and-butts as compared to its prequel. They didn’t even bother being subtle… not that Piranha 3D was but still. Hahaha. I don’t even have much to say since it seemed to fulfill its goal of being trashy. At least I had a good laugh. And I would watch the sequel especially with how the film ended.

And more thing. Best movie line ever??? Watch this.
Tell me how do you take a movie like that seriously. You tell me.

12. The Bourne Legacy (4/10)

bourne legacy

I love Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz but I just didn’t get the film and didn’t care enough to. Is it because I’ve never watched any of the prequels?? I don’t know. I just tried reading the Wiki synopsis but to no avail. Oh well. But it shouldn’t be that bad since I gave it a 4 for goodness knows why. Love seeing Jeremy Renner fight though and Rachel Weisz is flawlessly beautiful as always.

Halfway through the film, Andre and I got very distracted because we got called up by SPH telling us about where we got posted to for internship. I guess that’s part of the reason too since we completely stopped paying attention after that.

13. The Watch (3/10)

the watch

Freaking horrible film that tries too hard to be funny and ends up failing. At least Piranha 3DD was saved by its dark humour but not even The Watch’s comedic cast is about to salvage this outrageous film. What were they even thinking? Weird how this exact scene in the still reminds of Chronicle aka worse movie I’ve ever watched.

A movie of bad jokes and adult men acting childishly stupid. The opening scene was quite good though. Like it made me interested in the film and curious enough to watch on. But all of that unraveled after we were introduced to the atrocity that is the four grown men who behave like they are two. Climax and ending weren’t too bad but eh… already made my mind up about the film.

It felt like they were out of idea on how to make the film good and being funny was the only remaining choice. Except that I wasn’t amused. Had a good time resting my legs on the seats in front because the cinema was so empty though.

14. Ted (7/10)


Lol this was really adorable not disappointing at all :3 The movie has its flaws but I enjoyed it anyway. Really funny, heartwarming and I’m not ashamed to say that I cried at the ending HAHAHA. I really love the friendship between Ted and his owner, which I think was portrayed and developed well throughout the film. All the characters were quite likeable actually, and I love seeing how they all gradually started to change for the better.

It may be a comedy, and a rather standard one, but does address real-life issues well. Add a cute bear into the equation… is there anyone that doesn’t like Ted? He’s seriously hilarious and cute!! Just wanna give him all your love and cuddle him to death. Every scene with him was awesome and I love how outrageous a teddy bear can be.

I did wish they had toned down the crude jokes and relied more on genuine humour, because I feel that you don’t have to be dirty in order to be funny. But then the movie probably wouldn’t have worked as well since it was all about vices like drinking and drugs etc. It’s a Seth McFarlane film, after all.

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