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Urban rat

Latest song I’m hooked to… even though I don’t really like her personality. Or rather, who she portrays herself to be.

So… what has the Stompasaurus (name given by Mr Azhar and Andre) been up to?
Surely by now everybody knows where I’m interned/am working part-time at??

I feel like from a slack student that doesn’t care much about anything, I have become a typical urban dweller that’s part of the local rat race. Not that I prefer one over the other, I just like a moderate balance. Though admittedly right now all I feel like doing is to spend my days reading every piece of fiction in whatever form and watching every movie and show on my watchlist. No work, no studies, no waking up early!

I am so afraid of never finishing all the books and fics and mangas and shows and movies on my reading/watching list! What if I am 80 years old and that fic still hasn’t been updated since 2004???

Weirdly enough, there are also a lot of things I don’t miss. Such as my former favourite TV show The Vampire Diaries. It’s almost surreal how much time, effort, fangirling and LOVE I gave the show. Don’t think I’ll ever go back to watching it again because it just looks so stupid and I had enough of being angry + disappointed.

Last week I read this spoiler about how Hayley was expecting Klaus’ child. Which is quite a joke enough but the fact that Caroline was upset about it made it even more ridiculous. Hahaha glad that I quit early!!! I still download every episode to keep because I had been planning on watching all at one shot once there was time but… maybe not after all.

Anw, am quite happy with life! 🙂
Might update in more detail with pictures but at a glance:

– Obligatory whiny comment about the ridiculous heat these days
– Geez I don’t see the point in wasting time to attend graduation
– But I have to because of my parents and it’s a once in a lifetime thing anw
– Spent at least 30 minutes on travelling (inclusive of walking) and 5 minutes to try on/collect/pay for the robe -_-

– Spending a lot of time on Yahoo Answers as usual
– What’s Twitter/Tumblr/Formspring/Plurk/etc? IDC!!!
– My movie list is constantly updated though
– Some nights I login to Neopets and Battleon to kill time #alwaysakid
– I started visiting the library for my trashy teen romance books again 😀

– Gave my furballs a bathe two weekends ago
– Treated my family to a meal last Wednesday
– Bro and I bought mom an iPad 4 for Mother’s Day
– Phone blacked out so I’m using a spare but I don’t really care as usual
– Feel like getting an S3 (sg y u no pink???) and iPad Mini but $$$$$$$

–  So used to a fast-paced and routine lifestyle for an impatient person like me
– Mondays and Thursdays are usually left for running
– Have never read Tuesdays With Morrie but for me, it’s Tuesdays with Youyou
– Spend quite a bit of time with my best guy friends Amos and David too
– Mulligans’ with colleagues every fortnight or so
– Really smitten with the fish ‘n’ chips and pear cider there hehe

– Love girls’ days out with mom when I’m not working
– I don’t give her money so I always insist on paying for everything
– Love days whereby I do nothing but slack at home too

So yup this is what I have been roughly up to. Really happy with how life is turning out and I’m in high spirits today too. Special thanks to the person who sent me that really nice message via my blog’s contact form, which is the reason why I have the mood and inspiration to update 🙂 I’m so touched I don’t even know what to say…

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