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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Life these days

  • Laptop screen (internal problem) is on the brink of total collapse 🙁
  • Don’t want a new one, I want my current one to be fine *sigh*
  • Actually ended up liking my internship more than I expected
  • I don’t like saying ” at/going to work” because people will think I am actually working
  • But “doing internship” sounds like a poser and is such a mouthful
  • Only thing I think my job can be better is if the girls were with me
  • I like what I’m doing and being kept busy, wow
  • IPP > TEP even though work is 30 minutes longer
  • Have never been late once so far, as compared to late everyday during TEP
  • Sleeping hours are better, 3am is my latest and 1am+ is my average
  • Don’t wake up feeling like shit or all dreary unlike during TEP
  • I can wake up at 8.30am and be on time for work at 9.30am (Braddell)
  • No more horrible 10-minute walk from YCK MRT to class
  • Haven’t repeated clothes yet yay
  • I wore this dress for the first time, checked my blog for the date of purchase – April 2011
  • So yes you can say IPP is making me fully utilise my wardrobe
  • Office cafeteria’s menu is different every day and rotates fortnightly
  • Many coffeeshops outside office as well

5 weeks and counting!! Maybe it’s still too early to say but I really feel so much more positive about each day as compared to last semester. Hope it gets even better! 🙂 I’m surprised because before IPP started, I was dreading it and not liking where I ended up in.

Anyway, can I just get it out of my system that Perks of Being a Wallflower is one of the most overrated things ever because I didn’t even find the book that good. Also it kinda irks me that the main reason it’s so popular and gained so much attention is because of the cast. I wonder how many people would even pick up the book if a movie wasn’t going to be made.

Personally, the factors affecting my decision on whether to watch something 1) plot 2) mass and critical reception, that’s all. But well, each to his own.

Really thankful for everything and everyone in my life. Which is actually quite good already though of course it can get even better. Top wishes right now are to be richer and thinner, that’s all I ask HAHA 😉
Woot woot long weekend coming up!

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