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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

I like food

Had two buffets in less than a week!!! Fat fat. Went to Tarafuku (lunch with Amos) on 7 September and Kiseki (dinner with Gerry, Qiya, Hariz, Mark) on 13 September. They’re so near each other too. Actually too preoccupied with food and hunger to take pics so it’s just a bit of what they have from both places.

(Paid about $20/person)

Lunch on a Friday. Apparently they have a bigger spread at night. They have more cooked food than raw food! I love the “Yummy Egg” which is done in that special way that gives that unique texture… you know what I’m talking about. The one you can only find in some Japanese dining places.

They also has all the basic stuff like sashimi, tuna, sushi, soba, as well as sweet and sour pork, my beloved carbs, takos, etc etc. But the best thing about Tarafuku is inargubly the kickass, to-die-for desserts!! Their ice cream flavours all taste very different from the normal, commercial ones we usually get. Some very cute pastries as well.

My favourite is the pudding! As you can see from the last picture, I took all 3 types pf pudding. Milk, custard and strawberry, if I remember correctly. Then they have different syrups for you to pour if you want. Oh god all 3 puddings taste heavenly. I shall not describe the taste in case I do the puddings injustice but let’s just say they are the best I’ve ever eaten my whole life.

We took too much food and I felt quite bad at all the leftovers thrown away.
They don’t have fines for if you don’t finish the food.

(Paid about $37/person)

They have all the basic stuff as well. Although they didn’t have tako balls, they have many variants of spaghetti in small dishes which you order and they’ll cook and bring it over for you. The tomato sauce one (first pic) was really good.

Kiseki has more raw food and seafood in comparison. Sashimi, octupus, abalone, oysters, mussells! Hehe I shelled prawns for everyone! Although they have a bigger variety of desserts, they tasted only mediocre and I would pick Tarafuku’s puddings any day. Waffle was the soggy, chewy kind.

Also, it was quite late by the time we were having desserts so there wasn’t much left. There’s this small cup of something (don’t remember the name) that really stood out – Hariz took the last one and I had a mouthful.

Oh and they had a fine for unfinished food so we tried hiding a lot of stuff!

Person who helped us take the pic didn’t tell us Qiya was hidden!!

There were so many unglam shots of me eating hahaha

Us rushing to get a fisheye shot on the loooong escalator before it ended!

Went on a hunt for the toilet and then walked around Clarke Quay for more than an hour. I love the night 🙂

Loads of weird sights and people on the train

Everyone was spamming the group chat and changing the icon profusely so we took a picture on the spot and used it too hahaha 😀

While we were eating, we decided to have another sleepover the very next day before IPP started on the following Monday. Same gang but Dian and Darilene came this time too! It was nowhere as fun and exciting as the one we had before though which was quite a disappointment. Instead of horror, we watched The Avengers, The Dark Knight, and Taken, all of which I’d seen before.

Still glad to have spent time with these people!
Kinda miss Qiya and Hariz because I haven’t seen them since 🙁

Anyway, can’t really compare both places because one’s lunch and the other’s dinner. Hence I’m not sure if it’s accurate to say this but if you prefer cooked food, go for Tarafuku and if you prefer raw seafood, go for Kiseki. You can be assured of the quality and service at both places though I would recommend calling for a reservation beforehand. I like both! 😀

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