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Living it up

The adventure at Upper Thomson Road continues! From last Thursday. We did have a rough plan of which 3 stops to visit this time but sometimes things just fall into place perfectly on their own 🙂 Appetiser wasn’t open so we moved on to the main course!

best western pasta grill

You You’s chicken baked rice which was good! Saw loads of chicken inside.
But she says the spaghetti from our previous visit is better.

My grilled chicken spaghetti ($5.50) which was sooo heavenly and perfect 😀

Funny thing is we both agreed that what we ordered the previous time all tasted better despite all the pancakes we had right before. Oh btw the iced lemon tea at Long House is really good too, at just $1.20! Had it for all my 3 visits ^^ Moving on to our next stop!


Love that there were no other customers around until later.
Though it’s also an indication whether it’s good or not but I love quiet cafes.

Original waffle with latte ice cream. The ice cream was nice! The only other unconventional flavour was “wildberry” though it tasted like regular berries. So actually they don’t really have wide variety of ice cream flavours. Milk tea seemed interesting but while it was written on the menu, it wasn’t anywhere in the display. Other waffle flavours were cinnamon, chocolate etc but we stuck with the original so that the flavours don’t clash or become overpowering.

Original waffle with cookies n cream. I wanted to go for something unique but they didn’t have much so I stuck with my usual. Have definitely tasted better. The waffles themselves weren’t that good either. Even before it touched the ice cream, it was so hard to cut because it wasn’t crispy enough. Far cry from the regular waffles at NYP and the belgian ones from Ice Cream Man (which we left aside for 30mins because we were filming).

Anyway, each set costed more than $6+ ($3 for the waffle and $3+ for a scoop of gelato, depending on the flavours) so I don’t think it’s very worth it. Didn’t finish mine. Love the walls though hahaha.

Always research before trying out a new place! I did Google for reviews before and everyone said that Wafflelicious is mediocre but it seemed interesting so just thought I would try. Just like how I read that Salted Caramel’s trademark is not the salted caramel but the earl grey ice cream, then found out for myself that it’s true 😀 so yes, trust what you read, like my blog 😀

Last stop!!

Can’t remember the name because we randomly walked in. It could have been Habitat Coffee. Also along the same stretch of road. Quite a diverse menu from beverages to brunch sets to pastas to cakes and desserts.

You You had iced chococolate ($5.90) and I ordered iced flavoured mocha ($6.90 large) but I didn’t say iced so they gave me this… *shrugs* but if you wrote “iced flavoured coffee” on your menu then I assume there’s only the cold version what, right???

And the place was freezing cold which means my coffee wasn’t even piping hot, just lukewarm, when I got it 🙁 It soon became cold and I didn’t finish it either. Nice design though. But I’m certain we both have had better coffee and iced chocolate.

Took a walk around the area then we parted ways. Forgot to take pictures together!! Hehe love her ❤
Didn’t even mind that not all the food was satisfactory because I love the experience 😀
Sometimes all you need is food and your best friend 😉

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