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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

We found love in a hopeless place

My guilty pleasure song. You know, trashy songs with dumb lyrics but you like them more than you are supposed to anyway. Mine’s this and Rebecca Black’s Friday hehehe. It’s not just because they are catchy or eveywhere. I like them for real ^_^

TEP ended a month ago on the 17th, can’t say I miss it but it definitely taught me a lot. Wow, 5 months huh. Equal amount of good and bad shit. Had the awards ceremony thing the day before. My first instinct was to exit and eat my muffin after it ended while most stayed behind to take pictures or whatever…. heh.

So, pictures from the last day! Strolled in (un)fashionably late, class ended early, went to have Subway with Gerry after that. Basically one of those perfect days 😀

Us squeezed in the tiny voiceover room

Don’t know what look I was going for but definitely not this LOL

The day before he was suggesting that we all wear what we wore during orientation and he really did!

Proud to be part of Khatib 😀
Oh man he never fails to wind me up every single day about where I live and my lateness. Or go into one of those long speeches about being the minister of Khatib. I’m so nice to humour him!

Nicest lecturer ever :’)

Welcome to NYP! 😀

Human centipede >:)
Once, I watched the movie and made them endure listening to me describe the plot in grisly detail. Lololol forever doing that especially when I watch something disturbing and need to get it out so that I can forget once and for all. No really, what do I do without these girls? ❤

There is a “funny face” filter but they only managed to detect Dian and a bit of Gerry hahaha!


This photo is so cool because of what’s happening at the back!
I cannot unsee Muz as a diva after the photoshoot last time and all his Dance Central moves 😀

Can’t tell but Darilene was the one taking this photo actually!

Meow meow =^^=

Famous wall you see a lot in our production videos

The group of people I consider friends. Happy that TEP made us all closer. Thank you for making my mundane days in school brighter, happier and more memorable, filled with fun and laughter :’) Hope we still get to see each other every now and then during IPP!

Damn funny ok the joint convo on Whatsapp… Muz and his neverending puns, my double chin trollface picture always getting posted (-_-), and Hariz always all random and “fk u all” LOL ok better stop now before I get even mushier because seeing all these pictures makes me feel overflowing love for everyone HAHAHA.

Good luck everyone for IPP! ❤

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