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Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist

Do you believe in fate? I think I do because for over a century, I have lived in secret. I know the risk, but I have to know her.  year I have been coveting this pair of brown high cut shoes from Cotton On/Rubi. There was a storewide 30% discount not long after but I didn’t buy probably because I still found it pricey, and I will always regret it.

So anw, the shoes were available on the shelves at $44.95 (now that’s expensive) for a very long time. I check out the price every now and then but nothing ever happens. And now it’s the GSS season again and the 50% storewide posters are everywhere in Rubi and Cotton On. So being full of hope, I enter the store and it’s like the shoes never existed!!

Even went to town to look for them but the sales assistant just said, “No more”! No more as in all bought or they just kept it aside till GSS is over, I will never know. Wanted to post a picture but I can’t find it, though it’s not a very uncommon pair. Comes in black too.

So you see, sometimes you just have to accept that you and your epic love are not meant to be. It is like having a crush and waiting for the day you can finally be together except that it never comes. Adele is right – Sometimes it lasts in love (a long-lasting pair of shoes) but sometimes it hurts instead (when they spoil before their time and you have to throw them away)!

So dear brown high cut shoes and whoever owns a pair (Geraldine hehe), I wish nothing but the best for youuuu!

They say to never give up on someone/thing you can’t go a day without thinking about.
Oh you mean this pair of shoes, mirror wedges, heart-printed romper, and the 3 dresses?? :))))

Eventually meme

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