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Shit I get up to

Hola! Lying down with my phone :3

Sometimes I think the point of school is lost on me. Did close to nothing these 2 days in terms of work. I spent the whole of yesterday reading Battle Royale’s manga on my laptop and the whole of today reading The Ruins and talking about films on Yahoo Answers 😀

Gah, I brought my laptop yesterday with the intention of doing work (the Macs in school screw up the format of our scripts). So today I decided not to bring it hoping to be productive but still the same. Can I just watch movies, read books and blog all day pl0x?!?!?

But yay I think I appeared to be busy doing work ahahaha. Super hooked on Battle Royale’s manga and The Ruins!! Last week I took MC on Friday because of internal Niagara Falls (if you get what I mean) but the main reason was to watch TVD’s finale. Then the days before that were spent browsing blogshops.

Wanted to buy these 3 dresses and I even asked quite a few people for their opinions and everyone said I should!! But the rainbow one sold out before I could make an order so now I’m hesitant because when I want something, I want it to be perfect. In this case, I want these 3 dresses but left 2 only so not perfect already!

The weird thing was that I liked them so much that I dreamt of them being sold out. So when I reached school, I went onto the site to check and the rainbow one was really gone ;_;

That and they are all overpriced compared to the $10 dresses I usually buy being “overseas imports”. But the third one is on sale at $14 now and it’s like so tempting but I don’t want to just buy one and waste the postage! Buy more got free postage! So I’m most probably not buying but still keeping thinking about them sometimes hahaha.

Still thinking of my mirror wedges and heart printed romper (if you remember this) and waiting for my brown high cut shoes from Rubi/Cotton On to go on sale (why did I not buy during the 30% storewide discount last year? And yes I have been coveting it for more than a year already) boohoo.

Hope I can find all of them for cheap prices someday or even better, hope I become rich then yay.

one day meme

Also, just because I talk about all the various shit I get up to during class doesn’t mean I do absolutely nothing work-related (other than these 2 days LOL). I just can’t be bothered to talk about boring stuff!

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